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From Server to CEO: Farrah Scott’s rapid advancement within Trapper’s Sushi

Updated: Mar 4

Trapper’s Sushi Bar

Photo by Glen Sears


By Rachel Kelly

“I wouldn’t say that I’m anyone special,” says Farrah Scott, Gig Harbor resident and CEO of Trapper’s Sushi Co. “I don’t mean to say that I haven’t worked hard, but I am where I am today because I’ve had amazing support.”

Farrah Scott may be ordinary, but her story is anything but. Just 11 years ago, Farrah was a server for Trapper’s Sushi Co., but today, as CEO of the company, she shares the vision for the company with Trapper himself.

Her story begins humbly. Before working for Trapper’s Sushi, Farrah was 21 and working odd jobs typical for a young person trying to make a living. She had graduated high school but didn’t have her sights on college. When she started work at Trapper’s Sushi it was her first serving position, a position in which she excelled. A few years later, Farrah was promoted to assistant manager in the Bremerton restaurant. Then soon after, in 2015, she was promoted to general manager. While managing in Bremerton she was responsible for training her assistant manager and noticed that there weren’t a lot of systems in place for management training. So, she created and initiated a system that did so, helping her location and its employees to thrive.

The management training that she initiated was such a success that Farrah was asked to bring the same program to eight other locations. In 2016, this made her the director of Management Training and Development. In this position she ensured all the locations were running smoothly. If any one location lacked in any one thing, she put in systems that allowed for additional training and smooth transitions —including that of management training.

Shortly thereafter she was promoted to COO. “I guess Trapper saw something in me,” says Farrah. With her gift for organization, innovation, system integration and leadership by example, it’s easy to see exactly what he saw in her. Farrah is a good leader, and she knows how to make things run smoothly.

Farrah credits her success greatly in part to a company culture that has offered her opportunity to learn and grow, with a system of support that has recognized excellence in her, and others. The purpose of Trapper’s Sushi Co. is “to provide ordinary people with extraordinary opportunity.” Farrah does that by partnering with Trapper to bring about growth within the company but also by spearheading an accelerated leadership program called the Wingfield Program. Those people within the company who are interested in moving up in Trapper’s management enroll in the program. If leadership opportunities become available, the company has a pool of trained leaders to pull from without having to reach outside their community of excellent employees.

Farrah is a great leader because of her capacity to train and build others up, others who are already exhibiting excellence within their sphere — creating an even stronger company.Farrah was promoted and officially began her role as CEO in January 2024. Farrah Scott’s journey, from server to CEO, is truly an inspiring story. She is a testament that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

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