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The Blessing Group

A blessing to students in Gig Harbor and beyond

The Blessing Group


By Jillian Chandler

An organization based in Gig Harbor aims to support student-led Christian clubs in public schools. They’re a 100 percent volunteer, faith-based, nonprofit organization called the Blessing Group.

It all began with a conversation in the summer of 2021, Sherryl Weiss, Founder, recalls. She was chatting with a couple of middle schoolers on a local dock regarding the upcoming school year. The conversation was simple but grieved Sherryl’s heart and spirit.

The following spring, Sherryl was listening to the words of the song “The Blessing” at a Phil Wickham concert, and her heart was overwhelmed “with the truth of God’s love for the youth of our generation and generations to come.” Aware that children are plagued by confusion and hurt and a sincere need to belong, Sheryll made it her mission to get Christian clubs back into public schools. In September of 2022, she along with her group of “praying grandmas” birthed the Blessing Group.

“Our goal is to support student-led Christian ‘Found Clubs’ in public schools in Pierce County and across the nation — wherever God leads,” says Sherryl. “We want this generation of students to know they are not alone. We want to foster relationships, hope and fun, providing them with a safe place to gather in support of each other while finding God's truth.” 

The organization currently has 40 members, including mentors and their corporate board, and more than 20 prospective members who attend meetings and participate (but have not become official members). Members currently represent nine local churches in the Gig Harbor area. The Blessing Group is looking for more women of faith who are willing to testify to it with signed statements of faith and willing to come alongside and encourage the next generation. “An unforeseen ministry of this endeavor is our Blessing Group members are given a new purpose and, in some cases, a new lease on life,” Sherryl adds.

Schools with clubs currently up and running include Kopachuck Middle School, Goodman Middle School, Gig Harbor High School and Peninsula High School. Harbor Ridge Middle School and several others in Tacoma are in varying stages of processing.

“What we do goes well beyond school walls, though; we take it out into the community,” shares Debbie MacGougan, Blessing Group VP of Marketing. “Last year, the Blessing Group hosted three Worship in the Park events for middle and high school students, serving hot dogs and praising the Lord. This year they are hosting one large Worship event from 6:30 to 8:45pm on Thursday, July 25, at Sehmel Park Amphitheater. Planning is already in the works, and they are in the process of securing some great energetic Christian music.

On May 10, the Blessing Group will be hosting its 2024 Fundraising Event, and Sherryl encourages the community to attend to become more fully aware of the growing need for youth to have a safe place to gather, where they can support each other and find the love of Jesus Christ. “Many students want to be able to choose who they hang out with, finding other kids with strong moral values,” she says. “We love being able to support their clubs to do just that.”

At the event there will be live and silent auctions, student testimonies and a whole lot more — all designed to raise money for: club logo items, pizza and snacks for student-led clubs, Worship in the Park events, Maritime Parade participation, elementary reading programs, Blessing Baskets for faculty and staff, as well as administrative costs, web development, communication systems, and growth.  


When it comes to what the Blessing Group finds most rewarding about the work they do, Sherryl and Debbie agree, “Having new clubs approved by the school district. Giving praise and glory to God for all of His work getting these clubs pulled together, up, running and growing. We are excited to see the great gift of faith the Lord is developing in our children and grandchildren!”To find out more about the Blessing Group and the Found Clubs, and for those who would like to get involved, email or visit

Blessing Group

4819 Hunt Street NW

Gig Harbor, Washington

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