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Exciting Things Happening Winter 2020

Two new businesses to call Gig Harbor home

By Jillian Chandler

Two new businesses will soon open their doors to the Gig Harbor community! Set to open this winter, Harbor Health and Apothecary will provide the community with a compounding pharmacy and wellness center for humans and animals to live their healthiest life. And right next door you’ll find the Hop Pharm Taproom; the perfect place to sit back and enjoy time with your Gig Harbor neighbors.

The practice of pharmacy was built on the art and science of compounding medications toward the individual patient,” states Nick Wyatt, Chief Pharmacy Officer. “Over the years, many things about the practice of pharmacy have changed. With these changes, pharmacies became more about retail and less about community. In pharmacy, the community matters—the relationships matter. And I promise, Harbor Health is going to be everything that was great about the 'old school' community pharmacy with a 'new school' wellness center twist.”

Founded by Conrad Esser, Chief Executive Officer, and Nick Wyatt, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Harbor Health and Apothecary is their solution to the shortcomings of the current health-care model. They believe that patients deserve better—and this includes animals too!

“More and more, our health-care model seems to be trending toward transactional relationships where the focus is more on profit versus the need of the patient,” says Conrad. “Harbor Health and Apothecary’s model is built on personal relationships. Our pharmacy wellness center is built around the individual needs of the patient.”

Harbor Health and Apothecary is excited about becoming your trusted resource for compounded medications and nutritional supplements. They will carry an exclusive professional line of supplements, called Cell Code, and an IV drip therapy program, called Cell Code Hydrate, whose products focus on supporting your immune system and overall foundational health.

The two were inspired by family members and the recent COVID pandemic to create a facility focused on health, wellness and immunity. Conrad, a graduate of Pepperdine University with a business degree, was inspired to pursue the health and wellness field by his wife Gillian, a graduate of the University of Southern California Medical School, who is a gynecologist for Women’s Health and Wellness. Nick’s mother-in-law is a pharmacist, with Nick following in her footsteps and graduating with his pharmacy degree from the University of Washington.

Housed in a newly renovated 3,500-square-foot facility, located in Downtown Gig Harbor at 3216 Judson Street, quality and safety will be at the forefront. The sterile and nonsterile compounding labs exceed industry standards, in turn providing patients, humans and animals, access to the safest and highest quality compound products. Exam/consultation rooms allow pharmacists and providers to have private conversations about a patient’s health. These rooms also provide specialty providers with access to offer services to the community that may not be available.

When it comes to what they find most rewarding in this path they have chosen, both Conrad and Nick agree it is the opportunity to be servants to their community and the ability to educate people on taking the steps to achieve ultimate health: “Seeing people take charge of their health, get their health back on track and live their healthiest life,” affirms Nick.

In addition to the wellness center, the duo is excited for the opening of Hop Pharm, located next door.

“Here is the answer to the question everyone keeps asking: A pharmacy and tap room, how did that combination come about?” Nick grins. “When Conrad and I were designing the space, the Hop Pharm space was set aside for a conference room—but we did not need that much space.

“While walking the space with our architect and discussing design needs, we mentioned the conference room being used for community education events. The rest is history, and the Hop Pharm Tap Room was created.”

The Hop Pharm will provide a welcoming space for the community to enjoy. It will also provide a space for Harbor Health and Apothecary to hold community education events.

Nick and Conrad agree that “Gig Harbor is an amazing community. It is a great feeling to be welcomed by the community and other health-care providers.”

“There is something for everyone in downtown! Books, coffee, restaurants, beer, wine, whiskey and cider. What is not to love?” smiles Conrad.

You will have to wait until construction completes in winter 2020 to experience it for yourself.

Harbor Health and Apothecary & Hop Pharm Taproom

3216 Judson Street

Gig Harbor, Washington, 98335


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