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Pro Tips for Getting Out on Our Local Waterways

Local Waterways

Courtesy of Scott Goerig, Deadmans Island Kayak + Sup 

1. Visit to explore all we have to offer. Call Scotty the Red at 425.765.8278 or book your adventure online.

2. Choose between 2 Options:

  • ½-Day Self-Guided Tours: From islands to bridges and coves, explore Gig Harbor’s real gems, just minutes from downtown, with our beachfront delivery to scenic water-access points. We pack the kayaks, paddleboards, lifejackets and dry bags, while you, your family and friends enjoy the water.

  • 24hr+ Overnight Rentals: Vacationing on the water? Live here and looking to throw a party or reunion? We've got you covered with delivery directly to your waterfront paradise and pickup when you're done.

3. Dress Appropriately! Wear clothing suitable for getting wet, and durable footwear for walking on rocks, barnacles, oysters, etc.   

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