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Best Gig Harbor Summer Activities

This season, take advantage of all the summer activities and sports that are only available to us here in the peninsula!


Best Gig Harbor Summer Activities

By Rachel Kelly

Discover the best Gig Harbor Summer Activities for your next road trip!

Last Call!

Keep your eyes open at these parks for the last of the gray and humpback whales:

  • Narrows Park - 1502 Lucille Parkway NW, Gig Harbor

  • Sunrise Beach Park - 10015 Sunrise Beach Dr. NW, Gig Harbor

Try Out New Experiences

  • Go boating with a classic boat from Gig Harbor Boat Shop.

  • See summer concerts at Skansie Park every week from July through August.

  • Go kayaking to accessible only-by-water Cutts (Deadman’s) Island and have a picnic.

Best Waterfront Dining

  • For Cozy Mornings: Devoted Kiss Café - 8809 N. Harborview Dr. Unit 203, Gig Harbor

  • For Boat Views: Netshed No. 9 - 3313 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor

  • For Waterfront Celebrations: Anthony’s Restaurant - 8827 N. Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor

  • For a Drop-in and Waterfront Walk: Susanne’s Bakery - 3411 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor

Plan a Trip!

Penrose Point State Park and Joemma Beach State Park are two nearby state parks that are accessible both by land and water. Both boast extensive beaches, picnic tables, and a variety of hiking trails for kids and adults alike. It’s a great point of interest for day trips or for relaxation when sailing out on the water. A dock is available for larger boats, while the bay is quiet for smaller kayaks or paddle boarders. State parks overnight reservations can be made at

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