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  • By Patty Hutchens.

Athletes of the Month: Jonathan Brewster & Ursula Andren

Athlete of the Month: Jonathan Brewster


Peninsula High School

Peninsula High School senior Jonathan Brewster loves to be challenged. As a three-sport athlete who competes in cross-country, swimming and track, he pushes himself physically. But Jonathan shares that there is much more to competing than the physical aspect.

“Our physical bodies train and work hard all through practices to get us to a point to succeed,” said Jonathan. “But when it’s time to compete, it’s your mind that drives your body through its breaking point to that finish line.”

Jonathan has lettered three years in cross-country, four years in swimming and two years in track. “I made it to State junior year of cross-country and Districts two years of swim,” said the captain of the cross-country and swim teams.

Jonathan has a cumulative 3.76 GPA and has taken AP Physics and is currently enrolled in AP Calculus and AP Economics.

In the fall, Jonathan plans to attend either Oregon State or Washington State University and enroll in their Army ROTC program. “I would like to pursue a career in serving my country,” said Jonathan who adds that he would like to specifically go into aviation. He would also like to pursue a teaching degree in U.S. History or Math. “I have always loved to be around other people and be a part of putting well-functioning students into society.”

Jonathan said he enjoys cross-country the most and will miss his teammates who he considers family. And of course there is the competition that he will miss as well.

“I enjoy the hard work that it involves, that feeling you get after a hard practice is done that you have done something that hardly anyone else could do. It’s that accomplishment and the competition that makes me love the sport.”

Photo by Mike Kelly.


Gig Harbor High School

At just 17 years of age, Ursula Andren has achieved a great deal. As the MVP for the Gig Harbor High School swim and dive team for the last three years, she has made her mark in the swimming world. She has attended senior sectionals in club swimming and has made the finals nearly every meet since she was 11 years old. She has also traveled to various meets across the country including junior nationals in Orlando, Florida. “I was fastest in the Pacific Northwest when I was 12 years of age in the 100 breaststroke,” said Ursula.

Ursula shares that during her freshman year she, along with three teammates, broke the record for the 200 medley relay.

But it is not just in athletics where Ursula has excelled. In addition to taking three AP courses and two honors courses, Ursula is also part of the a club that educates her peers about HIV and AIDS.

When asked about her career interests, Ursula said she would like to be an environmentalist, an educator and an activist all in one. “I am passionate about sustainability and the earth we live in and how to protect it,” she said, adding that she hopes to help as many human beings as possible to be treated fairly and equally.

Ursula plans to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she will walk on for the swim and dive team.

She said one thing that she has learned through athletics is to be patient and strong. “Every single one of my coaches saw something in me that I struggled to see,” said Ursula. “They taught me to have faith in myself and to be strong in my hardest times.”

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