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Where Family is Always First

People caring for people

By Jillian Chandler

Photo Courtesy of Family First

Choosing the right care setting can be confusing and overwhelming, although we are very fortunate to have some excellent options here in the Gig Harbor area. The industry is made up of a tight-knit community of individuals who work together to ensure those in their golden years find the best option possible for their unique situation.

For the past 22 years, Chris and Julie Thomson, owners of Family First Adult Family Homes, have lived life dedicated and impassioned to their life’s calling. Since first opening Family First Adult Family Homes, their purpose has been to enhance the quality of life for their residents while striving to give family members the ability to spend quality time with their loved one without the stress of caregiving.

“My husband Chris and I have owned Family First Adult Family Homes for over 20 years. We have six locations in the area and are extremely grateful to have a team of providers that continually look out for our residents' best interests.”

With six adult family homes in the Gig Harbor area, they provide high-end 24-hour care for individuals diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, CVAs and various other medical conditions.

When a resident lives at Family First, their medical and social needs are met by qualified staff members including an in-home physician, CNAs, RNs, an activity director and other administrative support staff. Their goal is to provide excellent care and enhance the quality of life for every one of the residents they’ve had the privilege to care for. “We strive to remove the burden and stress of personal caregiving so that family members and their loved ones can enjoy their time together,” affirms Julie.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, their approach at Family First Adult Family Homes was grounded in recommendations put forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state and local health officials. That guidance—along with the diligent support of all Family First staff—was crucial to keeping all Family First residents COVID-free throughout the pandemic.

Over the past year, Chris, Julie and their Family First team continue to provide a small, safe setting for their residents. They continuously stay up to date on all the current regulations, implementing extensive precautions while still maintaining balance to keep their residents engaged and connected with their loved ones. Staying updated with the latest changes was crucial in keeping residents and staff safe in order to provide the best care possible to all who placed their trust in them. Chris and Julie are grateful that their homes have remained COVID-free.

“I would like to extend a special thanks to all Family First staff for their commitment and care for our residents during this hard time,” says Chris, adding, “We are very grateful to all first responders and frontline workers, and a special thank you to Dr. Darshana Chadda, our in-home doctor who closely monitored all Family First residents’ physical and mental health throughout the pandemic, and Dr. Kathy Polo and Dr. Judy Rueben, who helped to administer the vaccine to Family First residents and staff very early in the rollout. We are humbled by their contributions to our community and more specifically, to our elderly population.”

As the year progresses and restrictions ease, Julie, Chris and their team are looking forward to the day when residents can begin visiting with families again. “The next round of tears will be for joy, not emptiness or sorrow,” shares Chris. They will be for happiness—and most importantly, for hugs, not iPads.”

For those seeking a home away from home for their loved one, a place in which their final time will be lived to the fullest, surrounded by a compassionate team, Julie invites you to call and schedule a tour; masks are required.

Family First Adult Family Homes

4700 Point Fosdick Drive, Suite 312

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335


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