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What's Your Wedding Style?

Creating the perfect look for the big day By Jillian Chandler

Creating the perfect look for the big day

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Okay, let’s stop right there. Marriage. It’s not just the day two people madly in love, who want to spend the rest of their lives together, say, “I do.” It also encompasses everything that leads up to that monumental moment. There are many moving parts and a whole lot of planning that go into creating the perfect backdrop in which you say your vows in front of your closest friends and dearest family.

As the bride makes her first appearance down the aisle, all eyes will be on her. From head to toe, each touch is a result of her own vision, embracing her own unique beauty and style. For those brides-to-be who haven’t already, it's time to start putting together the look you wish to achieve for the big day.

Dress. Sweetheart to scoop necklines. Leg slits. Ruching. 3-D lace and floral. 2023 is the perfect time to be a bride in search of the perfect dress to complement both your body and style—and show off your best self. There are so many options to choose from. Simple, feminine bow details are in this year, as are off-the-shoulder gowns (with or without sleeves). If you’re looking to add some color, pastel blues and pinks are trending as background colors. From mini dresses to full-skirted ball gowns, there’s a dress to match your personality and style.

Shoes. From stilettos to flats, for some it's about pizzazz while for others pure comfort. After all, you'll be in those shoes all ... day ... long. Once you've found the dress of your dreams, it's time to pair it with just the right pair of shoes. Your shoes should complement, not clash with, your wedding dress. Going vintage? Be sure your shoes match the style and era of your dress. Spunky and casual? A fun sneaker might be right for you. Also think about the location of your wedding and reception. Sand and lawn aren't too friendly to heels. The ultimate goal is to find something that provides both fashion and comfort.

Hair. If it's an outdoor ceremony, you might choose an updo to avoid an unexpected wind from making your hair the center of attention and taking away from the moment. You may also opt for an updo if you want to show off the back of your gown, so the beauty of your dress isn’t covered by your locks. If you have a simple gown, let that beautiful hair loose and natural. Though clean, tight buns are still popular, soft, low buns always stun. Or there’s the chic elevated ponytail. Fresh florals always add a beautiful touch when incorporated into your hair. If you are wearing a headpiece or veil (or hat), be sure that the style you choose for your hair will mesh with the headpiece.

Makeup. It’s your wedding day, and there will be a lot of photos taken of you that day, so it’s important that you create a timeless look that will never fade. There really is no right or wrong—just don’t overdo it. Find what works for you and reflects who you are. If you're someone who doesn't usually wear a lot of makeup, your wedding day doesn't need to be the exception. You can maintain a natural look.

From subtle to sultry, romantic to glam, the goal is to enhance your natural features. Nails. No detail, no matter how small, should be overlooked on your wedding day, and this is especially true when it comes to your nails. If you prefer an understated manicure with a light pastel polish, you can add simple embellishments such as rhinestones or pearls, floral or lace motifs, even foil decorations.

You may opt for a classic French manicure, gel or acrylics. If your nails are where you’re looking to add that pop of color, red and purple are sure to make an impression. Just remember, you want to schedule your appointment to be as close to your wedding day as possible to avoid anything happening to those beautiful nails beforehand.

Jewelry. Remember that jewelry is meant to enhance your look, not compete with your dress or headpiece/veil. This can be something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue! Whether you like to keep with traditions or start your own, a simple piece can truly make a statement. From classic pearls to diamonds, you will want to keep it simple by choosing just one piece of jewelry that can stand alone yet adds the perfect touch to your wedding ensemble. Whether a necklace, bracelet or earrings, choose a piece—or pieces—that reflect your personal style. Less is more.

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Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
Apr 25

Our purpose at extends beyond basic photography; we want to capture amazing moments for married couples to cherish forever. You captured some lovely moments, such as the dancer's happy laughter and the meaningful gaze exchanged throughout the ceremony.

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