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Teacher in the Spotlight: Richard Miller

Richard Miller

By Rachel Kelly

Richard Miller Key Peninsula Middle School

Mr. Richard Miller teaches grades sixth through eighth at Key Peninsula Middle School. His story is a bit unique, as he began teaching at age 52 and now has been teaching chemistry, art, science, photography, Spanish, CTE classes, English and social studies for 11 years. Currently he is teaching art, photography and Spanish along with coaching volleyball. He has chosen to be actively involved with our children at an age when many have one eye on retirement. It’s no wonder then why Mr. Miller is this month's teacher spotlight—he has a unique perspective.

“One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing or hearing from my former students as they find their way in life. I love it when they excitedly tell me about their accomplishments and future plans,” he shares. “Teaching in a middle school, I have the privilege of watching my students transition from children to teens and then adults in our community. The transition is often a bit messy, but it is so rewarding when you see your students succeeding in life.” It’s a reward that all of us have the opportunity to actively support and celebrate.

It is by Mr. Miller’s example that we see the unique opportunities available to us to impact the children in our community, especially in low-income schools at this valuable transitional age. There is no shortage of opportunities to support our youth and no age at which we are unable to contribute in ways both small and big toward the health of our community.

It is generally considered necessary to re-phrase, lengthen or edit when writing articles to better present you, the reader, with something easily absorbed. The idea being that proper presentation will better reflect the idea. However, sometimes it’s more prudent to simply quote the speaker, and in this case, Mr. Miller says it best.

“Quality public education requires a strong financial commitment from our community. I want to thank all the taxpayers who willingly support our local schools. Sadly, many great teachers are currently leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers. Find a good middle school teacher and take time to thank them / support them—it’s a harder job than you realize … and our children deserve the best.”

Thank you, Mr. Miller, and all our teachers, for your diligent and valuable work. We support you.

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