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Student Spotlight

By Colin Anderson

student spotlight

Sinead Duffy, Senior Peninsula High School

As Peninsula High School senior Sinead Duffy reflects on her years at the school, she is thankful to have had so many teachers from different backgrounds to help shape who she is today. “I can’t say I have had a favorite teacher, but many teachers from Peninsula High School have impacted my life and shown me different perspectives over the years,” she stated.

Sinead especially enjoyed science and math courses, saying those particular subjects were always strong subjects of hers. A standout on the school’s soccer team, Sinead finished her accomplished career this past fall with a South Sound 3A All-League first team honor as well as an All-State selection as a midfielder.

She is very much looking forward to this fall, when she will enroll at University of the Incarnate Word and live out her dream of playing collegiate soccer. Sinead plans to continue studying math and science in college by stepping into the challenging courses of chemistry and biology. As someone who has battled asthma since childhood, she would enjoy a career in which she can help others who might be having trouble managing the disease. “One thing I am very interested in is respiratory therapy. I myself have asthma and know many others who have lung problems. I find it very interesting and would love to help others with these day-to-day obstacles,” she said.

As she prepares for the next phase of her life, Sinead will continue to train and compete in soccer this summer in order to prepare for an even greater level of competition ahead. She will also find some time for her other favorite hobbies like baking and going for hikes in the many stunning areas of the Pacific Northwest.

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