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Student of the Month

By Colin Anderson

Tyson Brent, Senior

Peninsula High School

Peninsula High School senior Tyson Brent is much like his peers: He enjoys being active, hanging out with friends and watching movies. While his final year of high school isn’t what he imagined, Tyson is keeping a positive attitude about what is still to come. “I have just tried to stay positive through all of this, and I like to be optimistic and look at the brighter side. We will all be back at school at some point; right now just isn't that time,” he acknowledged.

Tyson focuses hard on academics, having been named Student of the Quarter three times already. He is also a natural leader and current ASB president at Peninsula. “Some of my favorite subjects in school have been math and history. I have always been interested in history because I find the events that happened in the past interesting. But, I recently started to enjoy math because of my interest in marketing and business.”

Tyson notes that he’s had multiple teachers who’ve had a lasting impact on his life, specifically Mr. Miranda, Mr. Kendall and Mr. Epstein. He’s also been inspired by a local medical professional who has helped him through something that few teens ever experience. “I was born with a rare heart condition called tetralogy of Fallot, which has required me to have two open heart surgeries. I am interested in becoming a pediatric cardiologist as my cardiologist, Dr. John P. McCloskey, has inspired an interest in me to help kids just like me.”

Tyson also has a love of soccer and trains year-round, competing for both his high school and in Harbor Premier. Upon graduation he plans on attending a four-year college to pursue cardiology or perhaps business and marketing. He’s hoping to return to in-person classes and will keep up the positive attitude until that day comes. “Nobody wants to be learning online and at home, we all wish we were in school, but I am really looking forward to going back. That's what keeps me going,” he said.

Mckali Bullock, Senior

Gig Harbor High School

While our November Student of the Month Mckali Bullock enjoys classes which involve music, art, design and creativity, it’s on the other side of the spectrum that she’s had one of the most impactful teachers in her schooling. “My math teacher, Mr. Cuzzetto, has always been open to talking about anything with me and making sure I’m understanding the work we are doing,” she said. This is further proof that even if the subject isn’t the student’s favorite, great teachers can always make a lasting impact on their students.

Now in her senior year at Gig Harbor High School, Mckali continues to challenge herself in the academic world while keeping her creative side busy as well. She enjoys music and singing and hopes someday soon to be able to share her voice at local venues and perform live for others’ listening enjoyment. Mckali also loves being around young children and can see herself helping out as a nanny while she works to establish her career upon graduation.

Art takes on many forms, and Mckali believes that makeup artists can convey all kinds of emotion and confidence, something she hopes to do in the near future. “I want to do trades school dealing with cosmetology. I love doing makeup and bringing out the imagination of makeup onto a person’s face,” she said.

Whether it’s having an impact on young children, sharing music or seeing inner beauty emerge through makeup artistry, Mckali’s creativity is something she hopes will inspire others and have a positive impact on those around her.

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