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Student in the Spotlight: Tyson Fisher

By Rachel Kelly

gig harbor student tyson fisher

Tyson Fisher, Freshman

Peninsula High School


Tyson T. Fisher is a freshman at Peninsula High School and already has plans for his future. He’s not exactly sure about how he feels about college but has already made practical steps toward making a future for himself. He is the proud co-owner and operator of Frost Bite Delights, a small maker and seller of freeze-dried candy. He is trying to make connections with other small-business owners, which will allow him to grow and learn his own business. All in all, he keeps himself pretty busy.

When he’s not running his business, or at school, he’s wrestling on the school wrestling team or playing on his paintball team. He would say that paintball is his biggest hobby, as it helps him to unwind. “I find peace out there on the paintball field and with other people,” says Tyson. After all his work in and outside of school, he deserves a bit of peace.

The plan after graduating is to keep on paintballing and work on growing Frost Bite Delights. Although, his best friend’s family fishes for a living, and he knows he’s welcome to work for them as well. Keeping a small business in the green takes time and ingenuity, and he might need some consistent work to fall back on. However, he might just open a few stores once he graduates. Tyson doesn’t have all the details worked out yet, but he’s smart and driven. He’ll get it.

In school his favorite subjects are health and biology. “Health really opened my eyes to what I’m putting in my body and what is considered good nutrition,” Tyson shares. He also says that biology is interesting because he likes to look at bacteria and viruses. Learning about evolution is cool too.

Tyson shares that his favorite teacher has to be Mrs. Christensen, saying, “She’s that one teacher who always checks in with her students to see if they are alright and if they understand what’s being done in class.” She puts her students' mental health first, and it shows in how she treats them. She’ll also allow students to sit outside if they’re not feeling ready to participate, and it apparently has made a difference for Tyson. I’m sure it does for other students as well.

Though just a freshman, with lots of time to figure out his path in life, Tyson is already off to an amazing start. We support you and are excited to see what’s next on the agenda for the next few years of high school. Have fun!

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