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Student in the Spotlight-Jaxon Monroe

Jaxon Monroe- Gig Harbor High School

By Rachel Kelly

Jaxon Monroe Gig Harbor High School

Jaxon Monroe just graduated with honors from Gig Harbor High School this last June! But don’t worry, we don’t have to say goodbye just yet. He’s decided to stick around for a bit longer. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have plans for the future; he has plenty of interests that he could pursue.

He loves the film industry and would love to get into sound and film editing. And maybe he will. Or maybe he’ll discover something else during this time that he might like to pursue. But for now, he wants to get a job close to home and work a bit. He’s quite content to take his time to think about where he wants to go. Thankfully, change doesn’t always have to happen all at once. Often we highlight what’s coming next, or what’s up on the horizon. It seems to make an exciting story. But the truth is that life goes up and down, and there are times to speed up and times to slow down. These times are different for each of us. It sounds like Jaxon knows what’s best.

While in school math came very easily to Jaxon, history was also an interest because it teaches about the past. He credits Mrs. Anderson as an inspiration, as she has always been friendly, helpful and supportive. With that support and his hard work, he did really well.

He thinks that he might enroll in some classes from Tacoma Community College once he figures out his career path, but for now he’s busy tacking on new skills and discovering new hobbies. “I just joined the special Olympics playing softball. I was diagnosed with autism at age three, so that’s been kind of challenging for me. I’ve never been interested in group activities like sports, but I do like being a part of this team and learning new skills and making new friends,” says Jaxon.

As well as pursuing new activities, he continues to use his spare time to pursue old ones, such as collecting puzzles and movie memorabilia (his favorites are Star Wars and Godzilla). Graduating and pursuing new interests, making new goals, as well as having time to pursue the old ones, is all part of the good that comes from having independence.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, even as you stretch out and try new things close to home, we wish you the best! Congratulations on graduating with honors!

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