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Student in the Spotlight: Gavin Henrickson

By Rachel Kelly

Photo by Sunrise Photography

gig harbor student gavin henrickson

Gavin Henrickson, Senior

Peninsula High School


Gavin Henrickson, an 18-year-old senior at Peninsula High School, already knows that he wants to be an entrepreneur, which is a term that doesn’t just encompass “innovative business owner” or “self-starter.” An entrepreneur creates businesses with their community in mind. Gavin wants to be an entrepreneur because he is innovative, creative, passionate, and he cares. This is what makes his work something he can be proud of pursuing. For Gavin, entrepreneurship is not simply a goal, but it’s something he’s already doing. It’s already a work in progress.

Outside of school he runs two different businesses, one of which is a bike renovation business. He fixes old bikes and donates them to local nonprofits including The Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center, Red Barn Youth Center, KidVantage in Bremerton, and Gig Harbor FISH Food Bank. They then distribute them. Gavin has donated over 70 bikes! His other business is an eco-friendly Amazon brand that sells shampoo and conditioner bars. “Whenever I am working for my businesses, I enjoy it so much more than any other work that I do because I’m passionate about it. That’s how I plan on working for the rest of my life,” Gavin shares. That spirit of passion and service is what will make Gavin such a successful entrepreneur.

In school he is team captain of the cross-country team and ASB treasurer, maintains a 4.0 GPA while also taking 13 college-level courses. His favorite subject is science, as he likes understanding how the world works.A teacher who has inspired and influenced Gavin the most has been Ms. Beloate, his sophomore English teacher. She pushed him to strive for perfection in English, which challenged him in what he considers to be his “worst” subject. Now in college-level English classes, he no longer finds English difficult because of her influence.

Once he graduates, Gavin will go to a four-year college for business and entrepreneurship. He’s applying to several universities, but his top two choices are University of Washington and Babson College.Gavin is already well on his way toward living a life where he is passionate about what he will invest himself in, and I can’t imagine he’ll stop anytime soon. We wish you the best Gavin. You’re on your way!

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