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A new ALL-NATURAL approach for facial rejuvenation

By Paige Brougher RN, BSN, Aesthetic Injector, Gig Harbor Aesthetics

PRF EZ Gel Gig Harbor Aesthetics

If you have been wanting a 100 percent natural approach to combat signs of facial aging, PRF EZ Gel may be the right treatment for you! Gig Harbor Aesthetics offers PRF EZ Gel, an autologous (derived from your own body) regenerative gel that uses your body’s own proteins and growth factors for facial rejuvenation.

This treatment is appropriate for patients who seek an all-natural approach to rejuvenating under-eye hollows, nasolabial folds, “smile lines,” wrinkles around the mouth, and more. EZ Gel is obtained from the patient’s own plasma and is used as a dermal filler. Unlike traditional fillers, it is made from 100 percent your own bloodwith no additives! The procedure involves injecting the gel into the area of concern, which stimulates new collagen production and helps to plump and smooth the skin, leading to a more rejuvenated appearance.

EZ Gel can be used alone or in combination with wrinkle relaxers, lasers or hyaluronic acid fillers to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

The EZ Gel treatment is done by performing a blood draw, then centrifuging the blood sample with a double spin technique, which separates out the Platelet-Rich Fibrin and Albumin, a protein from the patient’s blood. These two solutions are combined to form a gel that is then injected, which provides volumization and stimulates collagen production.

There are no additives in the blood collection tubes for this procedure, meaning the gel product is entirely made up of the patient's own blood components. This makes it a safe and natural treatment! Growth factors are released after injection, leading to increased production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells.

Depending on the patient’s age and treatment goals, multiple treatments may be necessary. Results last several months, however, additional treatments may be necessary to maintain desired results.

If you are interested in using this all-natural method for facial rejuvenation, a consultation is recommended to create a treatment plan to address your unique aesthetic goals.

Gig Harbor Aesthetics is excited to offer PRF EZ Gel as an option for those seeking an all-natural and safe approach to facial rejuvenation!

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