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PHS Fastpitch Players Win Championship!

PHS Fastpitch

Now raising funds for their championship rings By Jillian Chandler Down 6-1 in the semifinal game, everything going wrong, Peninsula High School (PHS) girls fastpitch team turned it all around. “We were tenacious as a group to be able to survive, one player at a time, one bat at a time,” says Coach Mike Paul. The team would earn its spot in the championship game, and on May 27, the team beat Snohomish 4-1 in the final game of the season to win the Class 3A title. And their coaches could not be prouder. “It shows what can come from hard work,” says Coach Mike. “Everyone always talks about it, but only 12 kids experience it a year. All the hard work they were told would amount to greatness finally paid off. They got to see the fruit from their labors. To be able to say you are a champion, that you did it, that you actually got to the peak of the mountain … that goes for the parents as well. The endless hours that parents put in to be able to say hard work pays off.”

The PHS girls fastpitch team was comprised of Glory Estabrook, Grace Estabrook, Malia Coit, Alli Kimball, Ava Miranda, Sophia Hooper, Kallee Waage, Mira Sonnen, Hailey Ruckle, Sofi Wood, Katelyn Lea, Kendall Powers, Lexani Perez and Meghan Webster. Coach Mike was accompanied by coaches Joe Haworth, Dave Miyake, Alison Hughes and Melissa Miller.

Winning the state championship was a historic event for the school, and it will always be remembered by the banner that now hangs on the school gym’s wall. “It’s very rare to know of anyone who has won a state championship,” recognizes Mike. “Coach Joe’s son won a state championship in Gig Harbor, and he said, ‘You are always a champion—forever.’”

Mike says it was a nice, quiet, satisfying ride home on the bus after the win. “Coach Joe and Coach Dave called me in the morning to make sure it really happened,” he smiles. When asked what he believes contributed to the team’s success this season, he responded, “This is always a tough question. Obviously, always talent, coupled with five great coaches. It takes a village, not a person, and the girls accepted their roles. And then, of course, it always takes a little luck. The entire lineup contributed to the important wins.”

The team is currently looking to raise funds to purchase their state championship rings. They need to raise a total of $4,700. Those who would like to donate can do so through Peninsula Softball VPO.

“Peninsula High School has done a great job of putting great students and great athletes on the field who are perfect examples of their community, and, in turn, the players are going to make us a better community by the way they act as a team and teammates. These are community kids,” Coach Mike concludes.

The team would like to thank The Float, UPS Store and Save Thrift Store, who all donated to the softball PTO; Kat Trax, who did work up on the field; John Fuller, who donated a batting cage net; Purdy Topsoil for donating gravel; and Island Rock and Water for fixing their batting cage; and the many business donors as well. Mike adds, “The community wants us to do well, they believe in us, and we appreciate them.”

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