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Making Homes into Something Special

Meet Gig Harbor’s family owned full-service construction company By Jillian Chandler | Photo by In Gear Media

While doing home repairs for a property management company in the 1990s, Pat Kelley was bothered by what he saw. The company did not fix anything properly and used the cheapest materials possible. Pat knew he had more to offer to his customers, inspiring him to open his own repair business.

What began as a one-man repair service 23 years ago has grown to more than Pat could have imagined. Today, Kelley Home Services, LLC is a full-service construction company, where Pat, his wife Lory, their son Chris, and a group of talented employees and subcontractors provide you with a wide range of home improvement options.

Having the opportunity to help people is what the Kelleys find truly rewarding.

“Capturing someone’s vision and helping them create a beautiful place for their family or taking someone’s broken mess and restoring it to a place of peace and safety is very satisfying,” affirms Pat.

At Kelley Home Services, they specialize in providing three divisions of services: Remodels and Renovations (including kitchen, bathroom and whole house renovations), Construction (such as decks, additions, ADAs and custom homes) and Home Repairs (such as structural rot repair, siding, windows, doors, drywall, and water and fire damage).

What truly sets Kelley Home Services apart is the skill depth and integrity of their entire crew. “One of the most common compliments I receive after a project concludes is how much people appreciate the people who worked on their home,” Pat says proudly.

“These are genuinely good people of exceptional skill who take deep pride in their work.”

Pat, Lory and Chris see it as a privilege to be invited into someone’s home—for days or weeks—and everyone on their staff strives to demonstrate the respect and care that deserves. Due to the care of the team and the quality of their work, customer referrals continue to be the greatest contributor to Kelley Home Services’ success through the years.

In addition to the clients they’ve served over the years, the Kelleys appreciate the beauty of the area and the authenticity of the people here in Gig Harbor—the place they’ve called home for the past 32 years. This is the place Pat and Lory have raised their children and now the place to watch their grandchildren grow.

They find the community has a generous and inspiring spirit and are doing their part to contribute to this special place. From engaging with people at church, the FISH Food Bank, Food Backpacks 4 Kids, helping with the high school drama class, and more, the Kelleys are encouraged—and inspired—by the generous and supportive community.

“We will be sponsoring FISH Food Bank at the Gig Harbor parade in June,” smiles Lory.

“Come down and say hello, and help support a great organization in our community.” If you’re in need of repairs, a renovation, remodel … or a new custom home, the team at Kelley Home Services is ready to help make your home something special.

Kelley Home Services LLC


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Kathleen Gates
Kathleen Gates
May 07, 2023

I have known, and loved, the Kelly family for 37 years. Words I have spoken to describe this family are Kindness, Caring, Helpful , Honest, Giving and Faithful. Pat and Lory's five children are everything I would want my own children to be. I am proud and blessed to call them my friend.

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