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Fostering a Love of Learning and Building an Engaging Community

Local preschool dedicated to cultivating children's developing minds By Jillian Chandler Serving the Gig Harbor community and its young children since 2010, Discovery Village Academy is a preschool dedicated to cultivating children’s developing minds. Here, programs are centered around nurturing relationships as well as academic and play-based experimental learning. “We have all different environments for the children to create their own experiences and encourage unique developmental learning styles,” shares Brittany Lowstan, director of Discovery Village Academy. Children “play to learn” at the academy, engaging with other children in everything from dramatic play to running around in the school’s meadow area, while learning how to form relationships with one another. “Their cognitive developmental domains are constantly being utilized to problem-solve and explore at their own pace during time of play,” affirms Brittany. “With our social/emotional curriculum, children role play and learn how to address and cope with feelings they may feel or someone they are close to may be experiencing. Children also learn independence through play; for example, we teach them the skills to ask for a toy, taking turns and sharing.” At Discovery Village Academy, the carefully curated and warm, welcoming staff are passionate about early childhood education, striving for student success in all aspects of development—and above all else, ensuring the children in their care are safe and happy. “Not only do we encourage academics, but we also set the students up for success physically, cognitively and social/emotionally,” states Brittany. Each morning, parents can expect nothing but a wonderful day ahead for their children. Student safety is of utmost importance, with school doors remaining locked during all hours of the school day. Early drop-off is available to accommodate working parents, where children can run freely and play in the school’s meadow area. Once the school day begins, activities include circle time, arts and crafts, language and math or science. The staff always provide a nutritious midday snack, outside play and free play within the classroom. Come the hour lunchtime, parents can send their child to school with a sack lunch or opt to buy one from the school’s café. When the school day is over, enrichment and extended care options for a later pickup are offered, allowing students more social development during this time. “Watching a child evolve and master a new skill is one of the most rewarding things you can encounter. Seeing them in their ‘a-ha!’ moment is enough to make anyone want to teach young minds,” smiles Brittany. “Being able to be a part of these children’s lives and teaching them, and creating these bonds is a feeling you cannot get any other way.”

During the summer months, the school holds camps designed to keep kids motivated and having fun all summer long! These camps run 9am to 1pm (with the option of enrichment, which goes until 4:30pm) Monday through Thursday, where children will have the opportunity to do crafts, read books, sing songs and play, play, play! Each week highlights a new, exciting theme the children are sure to enjoy! The season's first camp, Shark Week, kicks off June 26, with camps to continue through August 24. Additional camp themes include Nation Park Adventures, Pirates & Mermaids, Discovery Village Summer Olympics, Ooey Gooey Camp, STEM Camp, Story Book Camp, Art Investigation Camp, and Shoot for the Stars.

Registration is available online at

Throughout the year, Discovery Village Academy also offers their Date Night one to two times per month. From 4:30 to 8pm, drop the kids off, where they’ll enjoy pizza, watch movies, play and do crafts, while you and your significant other can enjoy a stress-free evening out, knowing the kids are well taken care of. Birthday parties can also be booked, allowing access to the facility with two attendants to help with set-up and take-down. “It’s a stress- and hassle-free option for families to host a spectacular birthday for their child,” says Brittany. Enrollment, available to those ages 3 to 6, is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. If you are looking for a preschool where the love of learning will be fostered, and your child will be part of an engaging community, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brittany today. Discovery Village Academy 4835 Borgen Boulevard Gig Harbor, WA 98332 253.858.4835

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