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Ocean 5

Ocean 5

Troy Alstead, former COO of Starbucks, is bringing a new dining and social experience to the South Sound—Ocean5. Targeted to open this winter, Ocean5, located in the new Olympic Towne Center in Gig Harbor, has been fashioned to be a world-class, sustainably responsible destination for fun and connections.

Social experiences will include duckpin and 10pin bowling, a laser challenge arena, arcade game room, over 4,000 square feet of event space for groups of two to over 400, and more. Team members will be focused on helping guests relax and have fun.

“Responsible design has been a cornerstone of Ocean5 since before the foundation was even poured,” says Troy. “Thoughtful attention was paid to every detail to minimize fossil fuel and energy use throughout the building.” Given its large size, this presented some unique challenges that were met with equally creative solutions.

A geothermal heat pump regulates Ocean5 temperature by moving existing heat from one place to another—from the surrounding earth into the building to warm it in the winter and out of the building into the earth in the summer. “This system alone will save about 175 to 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year,” according to Troy.

Along with the oversized windows to draw in natural light, the solar tubes used in the lane areas and LED bulbs throughout the building help the space feel bright during the day saving energy and offering the gaming areas a sense of airiness. In addition, the gorgeous wood you see throughout the interior is locally sourced, and the carpet tiles are made from old fishing nets “harvested” from some of the ocean floors.

“We’re on a sustainability journey, starting at a point that we’re proud of but knowing there are always innovations and committing to continuously improve,” Troy says. “This goes for everything from the decisions of building materials, how we operate, to how we source our food.”

The adjoined farm-to-table restaurant—Table 47— was also designed for groups to gather in spaces like the community table, chef’s counter, social bar and relaxing coffee café. The chef-driven menu features farm-fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, so parts of it may change often based on what’s available.

When it comes to what Troy has found most rewarding when it comes to his new endeavor, he says, “The work I do is rewarding to me in a few ways. First: the opportunity to create a great place for people to work, based on the principles of integrity and honesty, passion and energy for what we do, collaboration, personal growth and development, and community engagement. Second: the chance to bring something exciting, fun and meaningful to the community we live in, to be much more than just a business in the community—instead, to be a part of the community. And third: the imperative to create a responsible business that recognizes its role in creating awareness of the challenges facing our oceans and seas, and engagement to find solutions to these problems.”

Troy was born and raised in the South Sound. After graduating from the University of Washington, his corporate career took him all over the world. And while he has had the opportunity to live and experience incredible places and cultures, he says, “The South Sound region is among the most beautiful anywhere, and it is home! And this is where we wanted to live, to raise our family and be part of the community.”

He adds: “I have experienced the energy that comes from innovating and creating, from building high-performing teams and successful businesses. And I have learned the imperative of giving back to the community and to the world.”


5268 Point Fosdick Drive NW

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

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