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  • By Jillian Chandler.

Hear For Life Audiology

Hear For Life Audiology

Blindness separates people from things, but deafness separates people from people.” – Helen Keller

Founded in 2001 on Bainbridge Island and in Port Ludlow, Hear for Life Audiology expanded its operations, opening its third location right here in the heart of Gig Harbor. “The attraction to Gig Harbor was really three fold, which is family, friends and the amazing sense of community!” says co-owner Bill Every. “I am truly amazed at the receptivity of patients and the business community. It seems as though we have been in the community for years.”

A full-service hearing clinic providing comprehensive hearing health care to adults and older children—with individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s hearing and lifestyle needs—their goal is to better the lives, through hearing, for each patient who enters their doors.

Owners Dr. Camron Meikle, board-certified audiologist, Marilyn Loy Every, M.S., CCC-A, and Bill Every, and primary Gig Harbor audiologist Dr. Deanna Iff, CCC-A, truly care about those they are serving and are committed to their communities and every individual who seeks their help.

“Hearing is an often overlooked yet vital part of an individual’s overall health,” says Dr. Iff. “We love helping people. Every single one of us is happy to go above and beyond to ensure that every patient walks out of our clinic with their needs met and questions answered.”

The owners pride themselves in that Hear for Life Audiology is a patient-centered practice, and the patient is their No. 1 concern. “Patient service is always our priority every single day as reflected by our commitment to the highest quality of patient service, outcomes and education,” says Loy Every. “Our patient care is uniquely designed for each individual and reflects expertise and attention required to assist each person in succeeding with their goal of improved hearing, communication abilities and quality of life.”

This is supported by the most advanced developments in audiological diagnostics, technological innovations and aural rehabilitation. Along with audiologic testing, they perform hearing evaluations for annual industrial hearing screenings. In addition, they are a full-service hearing aid dispensing and repair center and offer ear-cleaning services to remove earwax buildup and blockages. Private pay, insurance, state and federal worker’s compensation claims, and VA Choice clients are all welcome at the clinic.

When it comes to what the staff at Hear for Life Audiology finds most rewarding in their profession, it is clear that bringing the joy back into each patient’s life is their ultimate goal. “Being told by a patient that they’re able to listen to music again, or hear their grandchildren whispering—to hear them say they’re connecting again and that you helped—these are the things that make audiology and life rewarding,” says Iff.

Dr. Meikle adds: “When a patient returns with a success story of being able to hear their granddaughter’s band concert clearly, can understand the dialogue to their favorite TV show, is more confident at a doctor’s appointment because they’re not guessing at what is being said, or hears the raindrops on the patio roof, we know that the world is a better place.”

Hear for Life Audiology credits its success to their caring customer service and dedicated staff members. Every employee has a family member with a hearing impairment or an impairment themselves, which gives them first-hand knowledge and understanding in the matter.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is watching and experiencing the transformation of lives by helping people hear,” says Loy Every. “A sense of joy and gratitude is felt when a patient tells you that they were brought to tears when they heard a cricket for the first time in their life!”

Caring, outstanding customer service and hard work is the foundation Hear for Life Audiology is built on. As Loy Every says: “My audiology career has been a means by which I believe I have made a significant difference in the world—helping others enhance their quality of life, their interpersonal relationships, their presence with their families, communities and beyond—by optimizing their sense of hearing.”

If you, a friend or a family member is experiencing hearing concerns, Hear for Life Audiology is here and ready to help.

Hear for Life Audiology

5775 Soundview Drive, Suite 204C

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335


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