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  • Elle Scott of iGalen. By Jillian Chandler.

Helping others lead healthy, happy lives.

Helping others lead healthy, happy lives.

Launched less than a year ago in the United States and Canada, followed by Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, and soon to open in Australia and New Zealand, iGalen is taking the world by storm. Creators of Emulin+, the world’s first carbohydrate manager, a patented blend of grape skin, onion skin and green coffee—minus the caffeine—comes from Nobel Prize-nominated research using sophisticated 3D modeling with supercomputers that searched all known databases of human-enzyme systems and plant compounds found in nature.

Due to modern agriculture and food processing, the purpose of Emulin+ is to replace those essential nutrients that are lacking in the modern diet. The research has shown that as a result of today’s society consuming too many highly refined carbohydrates in their daily diets, the result has been carbohydrate toxicity, causing inflammation and leading to a majority of modern diseases.

Elle Scott, a distributor for iGalen right here in Gig Harbor, is dedicated educating those in the community about the product with the goal to help those seeking a healthier diet and lifestyle succeed.

So what exactly sets iGalen’s Emulin+ apart from other similar products? According to Elle, “Emulin+ is the world’s first patented and natural carb manager. It contains a botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates.”

Discovered by Daryl Thompson, a food and bio-chemist, and Dr. Joseph Ahrens, former director of research for the Florida Department of Citrus, Emulin helps in eliminating long-term inflammation. This can be a result of excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates (carbohydrates that have been stripped of most, if not all, of their nutrients and fiber), and can cause other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, to name a few.

“What Elle finds most rewarding in the work she does is “making a difference, helping people feel better[and] live healthy and happy.”

According to Elle, at iGalen, they are fusing innovation and opportunity into a movement; a movement that will lead people to greater health, sustainable wealth and life-long happiness. She adds that the success of the business since its launch on January 30, 2017, is due to the product itself. “Emulin+ sells itself. The testimonials are incredible all across the board.”

Keep an eye out for more incredible products that are currently in the works: Ovinex™ (Sheep Collagen), Liphagel™ (Joint Pain Relief), Longvida® (Anti-Inflammatory) and GS515® (21st Centure “Pre-Digested” Ginseng). In addition, iGalen is working on low-sodium salt, low GI sugar, a protein drink and protein bars, stem-cell releaser, brain formula for Alzheimer’s and Aphasia, and Liposomal Collagen.

Elle is not only dedicated to working to promote a healthier lifestyle for others here in Gig Harbor—and across the world—but she is passionate about her involvement with the PTSD Foundation (Permission to Start Dreaming), an organization which helps soldiers affected by post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, and their families, through professional services, stimulating peer adventures and spiritual devotion. As their vision statement says, “Our vision is for every soldier and their families a fulfilled life within reach of their dreams. Our hope is for every American citizen’s heart the will to make it a reality.” To find out more about this organization, you can visit

For those interested in more information on purchasing Emulin or how to become an iGalen distributor, contact Elle Scott via phone, email or website.



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