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  • By Jillian Chandler. Photos by Nick Sandy.

9Round 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness

9Round 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness opened its doors in Gig Harbor this past October, and owner/operator Tim “The Torpedo” Olson introduced the community to a new specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun and proven workout. At 9Round, members will discover a kickboxing-themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit-training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter.

The program incorporates dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina, with trainers assisting you every round. Then there’s kickboxing; At 9Round you’ll get fit, not hit. Clients punch and kick heavy bags to build power, double-end bags to increase coordination and timing, and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed. As Tim says, “You’ll tighten and strengthen all the muscles in one of the most common trouble spots, your core, which improves your ability to perform any movement you do for work, exercise or leisure.”

One of the most unique offerings at 9Round is the schedule—the no class time and 30-minute circuit training concept allows members to work out on their own terms, with a new 30-minute session beginning every three minutes. According to Tim, you can achieve maximum results and a complete, full-body workout in just 30 minutes through 9Round’s combination of cardio and resistance training. Workouts change daily, always challenging your body while the trainer keeps the training exciting and you engaged.

Monthly membership also include access to 9Round Nutrition, a complete online nutritional site with Q & A support, a nutrition guide, recipes, articles and more to help you get results faster. They even offer an online meal planner to make healthy eating simple, as well as videos to help track your progress and get you the results you want. “9Round Nutrition is eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts,” affirms Tim. “Improving your body composition takes patience, persistence and consuming the right fuel.”

9Round offers its members a club where trainers know your name and are ready to guide, motivate and push you—through proven and current exercise science—to get the most from every workout. All trainers are certified through the 9Round University Training Program so each member gets a safe, challenging workout that brings results. And members and trainers are in good hands under Tim. A Certified 9R Trainer, Tim earned a Master’s degree in sport administration and Bachelors in community health education. Training in Olympic taekwondo and karate, Tim has twice placed 1st in the DC TKD Open. Prior to 9R, he worked as an athletic director, health educator and coached several years of football and basketball at both public and private high schools, including football at the University of Puget Sound. As a student athlete, Tim began kickboxing for conditioning and is a member of the Hall of Fame Central Washington University 2002 football team.

Tim is grateful to own his own business right here in Gig Harbor. “It’s a marvelous place for us to live, raise kids and have a business in the fitness industry. There has been amazing community support; everyone makes health, wellness and nutrition a priority,” he says. “Uptown has been a wonderful location.”

When it comes to what Tim finds most fulfilling about his job, he says, “It’s the awesome new relationships we’ve made since October, all through fitness and fun. … It’s very rewarding being able to empower members to achieve their fitness goals, nine rounds at a time.”

He attributes the success of his business to 9Round’s incredible group of hard-working and dedicated trainers, in addition to their fantastic members (ages 10 to 70 and of all abilities), who make Tim’s mission attainable.

Not only is Tim active in providing the community a way to stay fit and healthy, he supports the local community through donations to local school fundraiser auctions and gives to the DREAM Auction to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). He is also a member of the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re looking to try a fun new way to work out—with results—stop by 9Round, meet Tim and his trainers, and get moving. And … your first workout is free!

9Round 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness

4793 Point Fosdick Drive NW, Suite 100

Gig Harbor



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