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Keeping Gig Harbor Beautiful

Keeping Gig Harbor Beautiful

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made is to run for a government office. After all, I dedicated the last 30 years to running a successful jewelry business in the heart of downtown while volunteering as a member of the Downtown Merchants Association. I also spent over a decade building Peninsula Hands On Art, an art education program that now serves over 4,000 students in the greater Gig Harbor area. My wife and I are now retired, we have two wonderful children, and a good life.

So why am I running for mayor?

I am running for mayor because I am passionate about Gig Harbor, and I want to preserve what drew my family to this spectacular town. I am motivated by my wife, my children, my friends and my community members who have encouraged me to step up and make a stand to stop the unmanaged growth that is over taxing our roads, our schools and our basic city services. Gig Harbor deserves elected city officials who are honest and transparent, who are responsive to community input and who manage growth in a way that will preserve our heritage. This is not happening with the current leadership.

Over the last 12 years we have seen tremendous development in Gig Harbor North and the Westside. New commercial and institutional uses include Albertson’s, Target, Home Depot, Costco, the YMCA and St. Anthony Hospital. These big businesses have become a regional draw and have brought valuable amenities to our town. On the Westside, the new Uptown Shopping Center, Pt. Fosdick Center and a new Fred Meyers will continue to modernize the city. However, when most people hear our name, they think of our unique historic character, our spectacular mountain views, natural evergreens and beautiful bay. If we agree that our history, maritime character, and natural beauty define this community, then protecting these assets for future generations is critical.

While I support new residential and commercial development as necessary and tremendous assets for our community, growth must not be at the expense of our quality of life. As stewards of Gig Harbor, we owe it to future generations to limit traffic congestion, overcrowding of our schools and overdevelopment of our neighborhoods. I am running for mayor because I have a vision; one that will protect Gig Harbor as we know it and manage growth responsibly.

My vision includes mixed residential and commercial development in the downtown core that honors our maritime heritage and embraces our unique charm. A plan that includes more one-of-a-kind business as well as architecturally appropriate living spaces that integrate with the current historic feel of our small fishing village.

Currently our citizens are choked by traffic. We must improve circulation by initiating infrastructure solutions throughout the city of Gig Harbor. This vision can be achieved by honest, transparent leadership that brings together seasoned professionals and community input. I am that leader, and I need your vote to make a change at City Hall. - Kit Kuhn

Please remember to vote for mayor on November 7. For more information, go to

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Kit Kuhn For Mayor

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