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The Space of Your Dreams

The Space of Your Dreams

Gardening is an art form. It requires a knowledge and passion for plants and flowers, accompanied by an understanding of design and landscape. Here in Gig Harbor, if you’re looking to update your yard and garden, look no further than Antoinette’s Home and Garden Design.

Jerry and Toni Gibbs are the couple behind the business. Antoinette’s Home and Garden Design took off in 2017 but was established in 1998 under Antoinette’s Interiors. The home and garden business operates as a landscape design and consulting firm to assist those with interests in gardening and home remodeling. Jerry is the architect on the design and estimating side of the business, while Toni is the color consultant and controls the garden design, assisting with landscape modifications, planting schemes, container designs and staging outdoor garden rooms.

“We strive to create unique color combinations and textures in the garden, choosing the best plants for our Northwest soils and weather conditions,” says Toni. “We believe in creating harmony and balance in every project we design. Recycled and repurposed items are included whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

What inspires Toni most when it comes to her business is the finished product they have created; seeing the transformation and beauty with every project the pair completes. With each project undertaking, Toni and Jerry are enthused by all of the possibilities.

Both raised in the Northwest, Jerry and Toni have been remodeling homes and creating gardens for their 38 years together. And as a native to the area, Toni knows her plants; both native and foreign.

Toni’s gardening skills began when her parents purchased a 20-acre farm in the Olalla Valley. At the young age of 10, Toni began nurturing her first garden; a love and passion which has continued throughout her life. Her parents migrated from Lakewood to Olalla in 1958 and began farming with their four young girls all under the age of 10. Her father owned a painting business and her mother took care of the bookkeeping. Two more children and a move to Gig Harbor came in 1964. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs going back generations both in retail and construction trades, being a business owner is in her blood.

Many strive to open their own business, but to make that business successful takes time, dedication and inspiration. “Our success is in having a vision for the end product before the project even begins,” Toni says. “A developed eye for color helps as well as a natural instinct for the details that make a difference.”

In 2016, the couple’s garden was honored as Garden Number 3 in the annual Gig Harbor Garden Tour. Toni and Jerry volunteered their garden to help the community generate money to fund the literacy programs in the local school district and community.

“It was the garden tour that really set us on our way to developing the garden design side of our business,” says Toni.

With spring underway and summer fast approaching, now is the ideal time to dig in and get that new garden project underway. Jerry and Toni are ready to create the garden space of your dreams.

Antoinette’s Home and Garden Design


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