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Designing Your Dream Home

Designing Your Dream Home

David Pool Architecture brings decades of experience.

The housing market in the greater Seattle area these days is, for lack of a better word, crazy. Move-in ready homes at all price ranges are often receiving multiple cash offers, and buyers have to move extremely fast to lock something in, sometimes without even a guaranteed inspection. It would be a stroke of sheer luck to find your dream home with the amenities you want, in your style and taste, in such a frenzied market. Perhaps instead of searching for your dream home, it’s time you build one yourself.

David Pool AIA, licensed architect of David Pool Architecture, has been in the business for decades; he can design a home that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Before becoming his own business in 2015, Pool worked in commercial and educational design for 24 years. During his time over the years with various firms, he took part on the Stadium High School renovation, the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, and the Pacific Plaza parking garage renovation.

“Being a licensed architect, I am able to use my past experiences to help clients design homes that may be on a challenging site, have challenging city and county zoning codes, and bring a level of expertise above and beyond the typical experience of a home designer,” said Pool.

When starting the home-design process, Pool engages clients to fully understand who they are, how they live and what is important to them in the design of their home. This design process ultimately creates a home that reflects each client’s personal lifestyle and goals. While the thought of making numerous decisions and working with construction and contractors can sound daunting, Pool is able to help put clients at ease having designed his own family home and experienced the process firsthand.

“This experience gives me a unique insight to a clients psyche, and I can sympathize with them at every step in the process,” said Pool. His unique talent is providing counsel to his clients so they can navigate through the tough design and construction challenges, which ultimately provide clients peace of mind.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, the thought of owning his own business was never far from Pool’s mind. Both of his grandfathers were master builders and developed homes while his mother started a business out of the family garage. After working for a continually expanding mid-sized firm, Pool decided the time had come to pursue his dreams. “This entrepreneurial spirit tugged at my heart,” said Pool, “and I decided to make a career shift to follow my dream of starting my own architectural firm that would specialize in custom high-end contemporary residential projects.”

Pool and his family enjoy what many others have come to delight in in the Pacific Northwest: fishing and boating, playing soccer with the kids, skiing in winter and hiking in the summer. He is happy to continue to call the Northwest home.

If you’re ready to take the next step in building and designing the home of your dreams, Pool would love to hear your ideas. He will listen thoughtfully and come up with a plan that fits your needs and your budget. “I pride myself in listening, collaboration and ultimately assisting owners to envision their dream home.”

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