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Guarding Your Memories

Guarding Your Memories

If you’re from a certain generation, you probably have a closet or room full of old 8mm films, slides, videotapes and photos. These are precious memories of friends and family who are no longer with us. Imagine having fire, flood or smoke damage to your home and finding all of these irreplaceable family memories destroyed. Thanks to advancements in technology, these memories can not only be stored in a safe place and duplicated but also improved and brought to life.

Towey Productions in Gig Harbor specializes in taking your photos, tapes and films and converting them to the digital world. Owner Dan Towey carries the latest technology and takes incredible care of your most valuable memories.

“We take your films, photos, slides and videotapes, convert them to DVD and duplicate them and put them in two locations so you never lose them,” said Towey. Serving Gig Harbor and Western Washington, Towey’s background is in broadcasting and broadcast engineering. After deregulation in the broadcasting industry some 25 years ago, Towey began transferring photos, slides, videos and old films onto DVD for families, at first with Photo Pro and Kits Cameras in Gig Harbor. He also produces CD and DVD keepsake products where he can add music, transitional effects, and even narrations and voiceovers. For those that are constantly upgrading their cell phone, Towey and his team are able to offload all your photos onto a disk for you, letting you recover the photos and are able to wipe the phone so others can’t get their hands on your images down the road.

“I meet a lot of great people,” said Towey of his work both past and present. He was a communications major at Washington State University and went on to work at Channel 7 as the executive producer for Wayne Cody and Steve Rable. Towey also helped launch KZOK onto the air in Seattle where he performed demographic research. Before starting his own business, Towey worked for 10 years with Seattle radio legend Pat O’Day, as a DJ and production engineer.

It takes a lot of trust to turn over some of your most intimate family moments, but you can be assured that Towey and his staff of John and Maria take good care of your memories and they are always in the care of Towey in one location in his home office in Gig Harbor.

Towey Productions also handles all sorts of media projects from short commercials, promotional or training videos and features, to family reunions and wedding videos. He also can put wedding still shots together in a memorable video collage.

Towey takes customer service seriously and is committed to the Gig Harbor community. The company donates gift certificates to charity auctions and also provides all the audio and video equipment for various nonprofit events. If you need something done quickly, Towey Productions can usually turn around a project within 48 hours.

The company’s new website,, is up and running and there is a short video tutorial that introduces you to Dan, his office and how things work. Don’t risk losing cherished memories for one more day. Give Towey Productions a call to safeguard your precious photos, videos and slides. You’ll be amazed with the beauty and clarity of your images coming back to life! Towey would be happy to talk with you, and he offers free estimates.

Towey Productions


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