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Sharing a Passion

Sharing a Passion

Step into Sea Hags Fine Art, Gifts and Coastal Décor, where you will experience a unique environment featuring original art and innovative home décor. The shop, which recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, is the result of one woman’s passion for art and her inspiration of wanting to share it with the community.

From a simple beginning, owner and artist Melissa Moller dreamed of sharing art with the people of the wonderful coastal town of Gig Harbor; to share a space with numerous artists who collaborate and are excited about art. And she has done just that at Sea Hags. She has created a space filled with local artisans’ creations complemented with unique coastal and cottage décor. While shopping the unique blend of quality but affordable products and artwork, the combination can provide a relaxing environment for customers to explore the movement of creativity.

At Sea Hags, Moller and her staff, who are fellow artists, strive to bring the unusual but easily incorporated home décor; usually with a coastal element. They find inspiration in all mediums and carry a wide selection of organically inspired creations, from beautifully handcrafted wood tables and jewelry boxes, nature and wildlife paintings and photography, to a variety of baskets woven from grasses and pine needles.

Each piece of art that is displayed truly has its own uniqueness, drawing attention to the simple details. “We love color and texture,” says Moller. “We love the natural feel of wood, worn by years in the sea or fresh from the mill. We love artistic creations that inspire wonder and curiosity.”

As important as art is to Moller, it is equally important where the products she sells in her store come from. Sea Hags makes it a priority to source American-made products and goods from the global community that are fair-trade green products; manufactured by small companies who have close-standing relationships with their artisans.

Sea Hags has hosted various art classes for the community and has connected with local schools with their Teen Art Contest, which was judged by Sea Hags’ customers. Customers can find local art work from more than 20 artists at Sea Hags.

In addition to Moller’s enthusiasm for art, she is passionate about giving back and sharing with others. The coral that is in the shop is considered vintage coral and was handed down to the staff from a shop that closed many years ago. They donate 50 percent of the proceeds of their coral sales to Oceana or the National Wildlife Federation, and they do not source new coral. Moller is also a member of the Waterfront Alliance Economic Vitality Committee.

Moller has been overwhelmed by the incredible community support her business has received since it first opened its doors in 2012! Locals and tourists alike have sought her out for special orders or just to see what is new within the shop. The offerings at Sea Hags Fine Art, Gifts and Coastal Décor are always changing, as new arrivals are brought to the store weekly, so there is always a good reason to stop in and browse the store.

The shop is open 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday and 10am to 3pm Sunday for you to discover all the unique treasures Moller and her team have to offer.

Sea Hags

8805 North Harborview Dr. Suite 201

Gig Harbor, Washington


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