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Where Technology and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

The perfect blend of day spa meets medical spa By Jillian Chandler | Photo By In-Gear Media

Guinot Institut Paris Spa

Opened November of last year by owners Chris Haque and his daughter Sabiya Haque, Guinot Institut Paris Spa invites residents and visitors to Gig Harbor to step into this exclusive spa—only the second Guinot in the United States! “We are so excited to bring this spa to Gig Harbor,” shares Sabiya, lead esthetician at the spa. “Guinot of Paris is the number one skin-care brand in Paris, and it is incredible that we can now offer this top-of-the-line product here in the states. Many will travel long distances just to be able to have access to the treatments we offer here in Gig Harbor.”

Guinot was founded more than four decades ago by well-known chemist Rene Guinot and is the number one skin-care brand and spa in all of Europe. “Guinot is the perfect blend of a day spa/med spa,” affirms Sabiya. “We have so many amazing treatments to offer that are loved worldwide. Most people who travel and go out of the country recognize, and get excited, that Guinot is here in Gig Harbor! The product is 100 percent going to be loved by everyone—and the results speak for themselves.”

The vision of Guinot is simple: to be the number one skin-care treatment brand worldwide by sharing the avant-garde skin-care methods at the forefront of technology. “We strive to consistently create unique products and treatments enriched with active ingredients on the cutting edge of science and technology,” states Sabiya. “Our estheticians here at Guinot Gig Harbor have been trained at the French flagship Guinot Institut Paris.”

Guinot is conscious of the environment’s fragility and is concerned about protecting it, thus, ethical beauty care is at the forefront. Products are never tested on animals; formulas are preserved without parabens, and active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants; and active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment—notably by sourcing them from renewable plants.

A variety of treatments are offered including facials, anti-aging, soothing, brightening, purifying, and hydrating, peels, vitamin C treatments, self-tanning/relaxation treatments, and more! They offer non-invasive lifting treatments using their Hydradermie Machine, which uses microcurrent to stimulate and lift the facial muscles.

“Struggling with skin myself in the past, and knowing how frustrating it can be not knowing where to start or how to fix issues, I now love helping people improve their skin, and getting them to meet their skin-care goals. I want everyone to feel beautiful and confident going out every day!” smiles Sabiya.

Clients are sure to love the entire Guinot line just as much as Sabiya. “All the products I have used I love, but my go-to product that I have to wear every day has to be the Lift Summum Cream and the Bioxygene Serum I have been using for the past couple of years. I have seen an extreme transformation on my skin and have a natural glow from Guinot products. I won't ever go back to any other skin-care line again!” And once you try Guinot products, neither will you!

Not only do they have amazing machines for their facials, they also offer body-slimming with their amazing patented Techni-Spa machine. This machine helps reduce cellulite, and burn fat, and is guaranteed to reduce circumferential body measurements. And clients see results within the first few treatments.

Guinot also offers full-service waxing, brow tinting and makeup application, with their exclusive Master Colors Cosmetic line.

Sabiya is grateful to have the opportunity to bring Guinot to her hometown, where she attended elementary through high school. “This is my home, and I love my community and the people I have got to know over the years of living here,” she says. “Not only that but the harbor is beautiful, and I'm grateful to be living in such a nice place.”

And there’s more to look forward to, as Sabiya shares they are in the process of exploring additional locations in the next 12 to 18 months.

For those seeking quality, innovative skin-care technology and treatment, it’s time to discover Guinot Institut Paris Spa right here in Gig Harbor. And for those who are interested in a Guinot career, Guinot has openings for estheticians who have a passion for skin care.

Guinot Institut Paris Spa 6948 Kimball Drive Gig Harbor, Washington 98335 253.509.0343

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