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The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor

Ensuring your child will leave with a smile

The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor


By Jillian Chandler

Dr. Brian Dansie originally went to dental school with the intention of becoming an oral surgeon, until he encountered his very first patient in dental school — a 9-year-old child. “She was so nervous and, truthfully, so was I!” he recalls. “She was so excited that she was able to get through a filling, and nothing else was as rewarding for me than getting kids through a procedure and helping them enjoy a trip to the dentist.”

Dr. Brian and his family moved to Gig Harbor in 2016, where he soon recognized the need for a compassionate pediatric dentist in the area. Two years later, in September of 2018, he introduced The Kids' Dentist Gig Harbor to the community. “It is incredible to see how much we have grown, and I have loved being a part of what this practice has become and all the families we have met from Gig Harbor and the surrounding area,” Dr. Brian shares. “I love hearing kids laughing in the game room and telling the assistants all about their new puppy or how much they love dinosaurs. I really enjoy being a part of their childhood that they look forward to.”


At The Kids’ Dentist, Dr. Brian and his staff see children from infants to kids headed off to college. “Sometimes we let the college kids sneak back for a visit or two to see how college life is going,” Dr. Brian smiles. He recommends that children start being seen by a dentist at age 1 or when their teeth start to come in. “We see such a difference in kids we have seen since they were little being more comfortable coming in. We want to be an early part of their lives. Infants we see more if another health care professional recommends a lip or tongue tie evaluation.”

From regular cleanings and checkups with the pediatric specialty trained staff, they also perform a wide range of restorative dentistry such as fillings, crowns, and sedation dentistry for children who need it. Dr. Brian adds, “We work alongside other health professionals for tongue and lip tie release using a laser, and we work closely with orthodontists in the area to maintain great hygiene while kids have braces or aligners.” At The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor, their team is committed to taking an active role in making excellent oral hygiene a part of a child’s life.

“Our biggest goal is creating a fun, inviting experience for children and their families,” Dr. Brian affirms. “I want kids to run to the door excited to play our games, watch a movie and get a prize. Every detail in our office is to create a relationship of trust with the families who choose us. Once that trust is established, then fostering healthy habits for children becomes easier.”

While general dentists are highly trained to see patients of all ages, a pediatric dentist has undergone two to three years of specialized training in the oral health of children and their specific needs, with age specific training of staff and providers for kids who need a helping hand to feel comfortable in a dental setting.  “If your child has an easy time at the general dentist, then by all means, keep that relationship,” encourages Dr. Brian. “When a need for a pediatric dentist arises, we are there for families and referring dentists, pediatricians and other health care specialists.”

Dr. Brian and The Kids’ Dentist team are proud to support and work with Backpacks 4 Kids and their food drives throughout the year. They volunteer their time in STEM fairs and classroom presentations, and also provide scholarship help for schools.

If you are looking for a wonderful team who will make your child’s experience at the dentist one to be remembered for all of the right reasons, Dr. Brian invites you to call today. A trip to The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor is sure to leave your child smiling.

The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor

3315 56th Street, Suite 100

Gig Harbor, Washington


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