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Summer Delight Charcuterie Platter


Charcuterie Platter for Summer



Assorted cured meats (such as prosciutto, salami and chorizo)

• Variety of cheeses (such as aged cheddar, brie and gouda)

• Fresh fruits (such as grapes, strawberries and sliced apples)

• Assorted nuts (such as almonds, cashews and walnuts)

• Olives and pickles for a salty kick

• Crackers and sliced baguette for serving

• Optional: honey, fig jam and/or mustard for dipping

• Sweets (such as yogurt-covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins and dried fruit)

• Fresh herbs for garnish


• Begin with a large wooden board or platter.

• Start by placing small piles of cured meats around the board, folding them to create attractive shapes.

• Next, add wedges, slices or cubes of your favorite cheeses, spacing them evenly throughout The board.

• Fill in the gaps with fresh fruits, such as clusters of grapes, halved strawberries and thinly sliced apples.

• Scatter assorted nuts and sweets around the board for crunch and texture.

• Add olives and pickles to provide a savory contrast to the meats and cheeses.

• Arrange crackers and sliced baguette alongside the other ingredients, ensuring there’s plenty of space for guests to assemble their own bites.

• For added flair, drizzle honey over the cheeses, spread fig jam on crackers and/or offer mustard for dipping the meats.

• Garnish with fresh herbs

• Serve the charcuterie platter at your summer event and watch as guests indulge in this delicious and visually appealing spread. Enjoy!

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