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Students in the Spotlight

By Rachel Kelly | Photo by Stacy Gendreau

Avery Gig Harbor

Avery de Maine, Senior Peninsula High School

Avery de Maine has grown up in the peninsula, attending both Purdy Elementary and Harbor Ridge Middle School. This year she begins her final year at Peninsula High School.

Looking back throughout her educational career, Avery has much to be fond of. She has played her favorite sport, LaCrosse, since the third grade, and this year looks forward to being the varsity lacrosse captain. She is vice president of the Environmental Club, part of the National Honor Society, and does community service through a group called the Interact Club. She earned her varsity letter in community service through volunteering 100 hours, most of which were volunteered to SAVE thrift store. This year she will also be ASB president and hopes to continue to unite the student body as well as increase participation in fun school functions such as assemblies and dances.

Avery has known since she was 9 that she wanted to become a lawyer. “I am passionate about helping others, public speaking, and fighting for what I believe in,” says Avery. After graduation she plans to attend college and is looking forward to touring various colleges next summer. Several schools on the West Coast have proved interesting. However, she looks forward to exploring new places that she’s never been to, such as the East Coast.

Avery is, and has always been, supported by her parents and her younger brother, whom she is close to. It is hard for her to choose who has inspired her most while she has grown and changed in the years she has been in school. She learned about perseverance from her elementary school teacher Mrs. Arena, who encouraged her to keep putting one foot in front of the other. She developed her love for history under Mr. Carmody in middle school, who had a way of making the past come alive. Under Mrs. Takehara, Avery was encouraged to explore her creativity, and prefers English to math because of its opportunities for exploration. More recently, one of her high school teachers, Mr. Kendall, has helped Avery smoothly make the transition from online to in-person learning. ”I am incredibly grateful to all my teachers but especially these four special people for their infinite patience, wisdom, criticism and support.”

In her personal time, Avery relaxes by journaling, reading, painting, and watching Netflix. Each of these skills that she has acquired throughout her tenure in school, including the ability to explore and relax, will surely aid Avery in her future as she explores the details and adventures of all that comes next.

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Oct 12, 2022

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