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Student in the Spotlight: Sarah Ehler, Gig Harbor High School

Sarah Ehler, Gig Harbor High School

Photo By Sandra Skogen - Simple Modern Sassy Photography


By Rachel Kelly

Sarah Ehler is an 18-year-old senior at Gig Harbor High School (GHHS). She is ASB vice president, co-founded the schools Bible Study Club, is team captain of GHHS and club soccer, and was named All-League for Lady Tides Golf. She has also won several academic achievement awards, including College Board National Hispanic Recognition Award in 2022, AP Scholar with Honor Award 2023, and the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. When she graduates this spring, it will be with an AP certificate diploma, putting her well on her way toward a degree in engineering — her goal once attending the U.S. Naval Academy.


With her sights on engineering, it’s no wonder that Sarah loves math! “I feel accomplished when I easily take up pages for complex problems and solve them. It may look like I’m just scribbling nonsense down on a page, but it’s a form of art to me. Every line of simplification is like a brush stroke on a fresh canvas; in the end it creates something beautiful,” she says. Her favorite expression of math is calculus, in which her teacher Mrs. Klein has had a huge impact. It is because of her that Sarah has been challenged to be the best that she can be. Mrs. Klein is also the Bible Study Club’s advisor and has encouraged Sarah’s spiritual and emotional growth.


Outside of school, Sarah is very involved in sports. She is part of a soccer club and has played soccer for the past nine years. “Club soccer has been a central part of my life, providing a platform for personal growth, friendship, and a deep love for the game,” says Sarah, who also enjoys her job at Gig Harbor Golf Club. In the summer she works close to full time, about 30 hours a week. But throughout the year she works no more than 10. She appreciates her job because of the kindness of the staff but also for its flexibility for her busy schedule.


Sarah wants to use all the skills she’s acquired during her high school tenure to make a difference in the world, both through service to her country and to everyday real-world applications. We here at Gig Harbor Living Local have no doubt that you will make your mark, Sarah, and we wish you the best on your up-and-coming graduation!

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