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Student in the Spotlight: Sadie Jorgenson

Kopachuck Middle School

By Rachel Kelly Sadie Jorgenson, Eighth Grade Kopachuck Middle School

Sadie Jorgenson is just 14 years old, but regardless of her age, she has big plans for her future! Right now she’s focusing on graduating from middle school, and next year she’ll be moving on to Gig Harbor High School. After that, she wants to go to college and already has some ideas on where she wants to go and what she wants to major in. “I want to study marine biology and someday become a shark conservationist. It seems like a silly dream to some people, but I have always been fascinated by sharks and other marine animals,” says Sadie. Naturally her goal is to go to the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where there’s a lot of fantastic marine biology. This doesn’t seem like a silly dream at all! It sounds like a goal—a very well thought-out goal.

However, right now Sadie has a few years more in school before she chases after her goals. For her eighth-grade year, she is in leadership, where her focus is to help her school become closer as a community. She is ASB president, and as such she helps her school solve problems through representation. In her free time, she loves to play volleyball at the Dakine Volleyball Club. With the volleyball club she has the opportunity to travel with her team to tournaments, which is especially fun. Other than that, she is just doing what someone her age should be doing: making new friends and exploring new opportunities.

She is inspired by her leadership teacher Ms. Blackburn and her school principal Mrs. Parke. “They have both taught me many lessons on how I can be a better leader, and just a better person in general to people.” It sounds like Sadie is learning from the best. Sadie is excited, inspired, encouraged, and surrounded by the support of her school and family. She, in turn, gives this same encouragement to others. She has room to dream and figure out her goals. Life can be a funny thing, with its ups and downs and unexpected turns. But it sounds like Sadie knows what she likes and has a framework on how she can get where she wants to go. She has a great foundation, and she’s off to a great start.

We’re rooting for you, Sadie. Keep chasing after those dreams!

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