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Student in the Spotlight

By Rachel Kelly

Arrow Ashlynn Wehmeier, Senior Henderson Bay High School

Student in the Spotlight

Arrow Ashlynn Wehmeier is a senior at Henderson Bay High School who is known for her art. “I believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the creative outlets I’ve been given throughout my life,” says Arrow. Art has been a passion throughout her life, and school has given her additional opportunities to foster her creativity. She has also thrived in the more traditional subjects such as science, which is her favorite subject next to art and music.

Arrow’s focus on art has been the conduit from which she has thrived in school scholastically, as well as the natural point from which she has found opportunities for service in the greater community. She is a senior school board representative, is involved in a community mural project with Hillorie Isackson, and volunteers with the Key Peninsula Logging Show. She is known around school for her art as well, as her work is hung in the school. Her favorite mode of art is painting, a long-time passion.

She has been encouraged by many teachers, and it is hard for her to choose which has had the greatest impact. However, when pressed she thinks of Greg Brashear. He has taught her that the way of growth is always up, regardless of one’s beginnings or circumstances. He encouraged her to discover her passions and gifts and made sure to greet her in the halls. Teachers and school staff have the power to make students feel seen and at home in times where they might feel isolated or on the outside. Mr. Brashear has been such a person for Arrow, who reminds his students, through his genuine care, that they are not invisible.

Looking forward, Arrow plans to attend Northwest College of Art and Design or Shoreline Community College. She will no doubt thrive wherever she goes because of the indomitable foundation she has built from her time here at Henderson Bay. No matter what life throws next, there’s always growth. And growth goes nowhere but up!

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