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Student in the Spotlight

By Rachel Kelly

Anna Gig Harbor

Anna Caplinger, Senior

Gig Harbor High School

Anna Caplinger is a senior at Gig Harbor High School and currently holds a 4.0 unweighted GPA, is an AP scholar with distinction, and is a National Honor Society member.

Throughout her high school scholastic career, she has displayed a wide range of interests, eventually narrowing her focus to physics and law. Her favorite class was AP physics because the class offered practical labs with extensive opportunities for hands-on learning. Her favorite project within that class was constructing a fully functional electrical house with foam board. In addition, she has also taken leadership every year of high school. “It is one of my favorite classes because we get to plan events for the student body and work to make the school a better place,” says Anna.

Throughout Anna’s life she has drawn inspiration from having been around airplanes, which has expanded her interest into aerospace engineering. She is also interested in nuclear and environmental engineering for the purpose of creating clean energy for a more sustainable environment. Anna intends to use what she has learned and achieved to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering and afterward attend law school. She believes that experience in both engineering and law can help create opportunities for a future in the tech world and government.

To relax and give back, Anna does various activities. Since kindergarten, she has been playing piano, which has served as both a creative outlet and a way to de-stress. Her piano playing has allowed her the opportunity to play for an audience and meet many talented musicians. She has also volunteered her time to the Gig Harbor Lacrosse Association by coaching at youth clinics and helping at other various clubs and clinics.

Anna has also been inspired by her teachers, one of which being Mrs. Price. Mrs. Price was Anna’s teacher at Seabury School for third through fifth grade. She taught Anna not to be afraid of failure, as it’s a natural part of learning and exploring. Mrs. Price’s belief in Anna pushed her to do her best in a positive way. She is thankful for that faith as she has continued to pursue more challenging academic classes. Anna’s life inspirations such as her exposure to airplanes, and her opportunities through advanced classes in her school, have continued to bolster her upward. That faith, love, support and inspiration will follow her as she continues to discover, change, grow, and challenge her limits.

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