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Senior Living in Gig Harbor

Living Life to its Fullest at Every Age

By Rachel Kelly

Photo Courtesy of Gig Harbor Senior Living

With stunning waterfront views, a developed downtown, a diverse set of parks and a close-knit community, it’s no wonder that so many people choose Gig Harbor as the place they call home. Here, our community is versatile enough that a family can raise their children and then grow old surrounded by them. Gig Harbor is home to an array of various independent living, memory care and assisted living homes that reflect the natural amenities of our home. These small communities and homes ensure care for you or your loved ones through the various stages of growing old, all in the heart of the beautiful South Sound. Highlighted here are four residences for senior living, each one as different and versatile as the needs of our community.

Founded and owned by Chris and Julie Thomson, Family First Adult Family Homes began from a place of experience in caring for loved ones. As such, each home is organized to create an atmosphere of family. It is a residence truly run by heart first, with an engaged staff and founder. To create such an atmosphere, each home houses only six individuals. Family First Adult Family Homes give high-end around-the-clock care for needs such as stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. They also specialize in comforting and quiet care for elderly entering into hospice care, in an environment that is anything but a hospital. Care is proficient and personal, with owners who treat their residents like family.

At Family First Adult Family Homes, residents celebrate birthdays, foster quality friendship, and live out a quality of life in a setting that is more like independent living. They truly set the bar high for individualized care for specialized needs, in homes that truly do become home.

Olympic Alzheimer’s began in 1991 and was the first in private Alzheimer’s residencies in the Northwest. Just a half mile away from the Narrows waterway means accessible activities on the water with serene surroundings. Residents are close to Jerisich Park dock and have regular access to Gig Harbor’s downtown and Point Defiance Park. Their community offers the award-winning Expressions Memory Care Program, which strives to make the everyday meaningful. In Expressions Memory Care, focus is on the person and not their disease. Olympic Alzheimer’s Residence has the most experience providing private memory care for our community, that experience is reflected in their residences. As such you can be sure that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect while they live an active and productive life. In the Olympic Alzheimer’s Residences, care is structured to provide full-body wellness. As such, they regularly provide creative classes such as art and culinary skills, curriculum-based classes, access to technology and regularly scheduled outdoor fun. Care is personalized to their residents, and not the other way around.

For independent living, assisted living, memory care, nursing, rehabilitation care and general medical care all in one place, look no further than Heron’s Key. There is no reason for lengthy transportation to various places throughout Gig Harbor, as everything essential is onsite! They even offer guest suites for visiting family and friends. They also offer farm-to-table meals, a thriving community, off-site activities, and onsite presentations and lectures. Heron’s Key focuses on social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, vocational, physical and intellectual health. They seek to engage the whole person. What’s more, the monthly rate does not change regardless of the level of care. Heron’s Key offers resources throughout all the different transitions of aging, providing security and consistency in a time of life fraught with change.

Harbor Place at Cottesmore is the place to enjoy flexible living in luxury. It is a community in and of itself. The campus in Gig Harbor provides both independent and assisted living with a range of different types of residences tailored to fit your needs. Included on campus is a pool and hot tub, fitness room, salon and spa, bistro and coffee shop, a billiard room and a computer room. Harbor Place regularly organizes Sunday services, concerts, personal training, bridge clubs, outings, shopping and more. To top it off, the food is exceptional. Making the move here is like moving to a mini city within Gig Harbor, resulting in a well-rounded natural community. Like any good neighborhood, Harbor Place is whole in and of itself, with a wonderful array of daily choices. Whether you want to sit with your coffee over a good book, or meet up with friends, Harbor Place creates space for activity.

From personalized care to active lifestyles. From quality one-on-one relationships to thriving communities. From consistency to flexibility. From stability to excitement. Here, in Gig Harbor, we have it all. Each highlighted living facility provides something different for your needs and the needs of your family. It’s apparent that life just gets better from here on out!

Wherever you come from, and wherever you’re going, Gig Harbor has the choices and the amenities to live life to its fullest. Whatever stage of life you’re in, Gig Harbor is a place to thrive.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Jan 23

Exploring senior living in Gig Harbor unveils a community where the golden years are embraced with care and consideration. Just as the residents in this idyllic setting seek a harmonious lifestyle, the concept of palliative care becomes pivotal. Here, mylifechoice steps in, ensuring that individuals facing serious illnesses, with a life expectancy of no more than 6 months, receive comprehensive medical assistance. Much like the advantages of hospice care, mylifechoice prioritizes a holistic approach, providing comfort and symptom management. Senior living in Gig Harbor, enriched by mylifechoice's commitment, fosters a supportive environment where residents can truly thrive with dignity and well-being.

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