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Selling the Sound with United Real Estate

Updated: Jun 6

United Real Estate Puget Sound West

By Jillian Chandler

Mel Santos, a seasoned pro with 40-plus years of experience in the real estate industry, joined United Real Estate to revolutionize the local scene, bringing a fresh perspective to Gig Harbor — a first for Washington state.

United Real Estate Puget Sound West is renowned for its top-tier services and talented team. "We've got it all: from Leslie Fleming's Real Estate Furniture Exchange to Inga Fouquette's staging expertise, Mac Pinch's commercial prowess, and our stellar marketing duo, Tracy and Kelly Vanderlinda," Mel proudly states. "Our collaborative environment ensures top-notch service and seamless teamwork, empowering us to excel in every aspect of real estate."

Beyond transactions, their team is deeply committed to community service. "We're active in Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and local charities," Mel notes. "It's our way of giving back to the very communities we serve."

United Real Estate, an international company, is the third fastest growing agency in America.

United Real Estate Puget Sound West

Mel Santos, Owner/Designated Broker

New Location Downtown Gig Harbor Waterfront Coming Soon


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