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Resort-Style Living for Wellness and Health

 Kensington Gardens

It's time to discover Kensington Gardens By Jillian Chandler

For more than a decade, Kelly and Mark Watson have been providing personalized care to their residents at Regent Park at Kensington Gardens. Its founding was brought about by their personal experiences with their own aging family members and the disappointment with the care and housing options that were available at the time. Out of those experiences came the notion of providing residents the highest level of personalized care, so that each day can be the best day, no matter what stage a person is in his or her life. So, they created the Personalized Care Resort Community TM (PCRC) model.

Kensington Gardens Resort Living Community is a fresh, new concept for retirement, developed in Gig Harbor by the Watsons. It is a boutique Resort Community residence that offers a uniquely personalized model of luxury living in Villas. It is a place where you can continue to travel, play tennis and pickleball, engage with your new friends while aging gracefully, in a gorgeous stately home, surrounded by gardens and beautiful landscapes, with chef-curated meals daily—and should your needs change, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be well taken care of. “We are family, and that is our main focus,” smiles Kelly. “And life should continue to get better!”

Inspired by grand European estates, the Watsons intentionally designed Kensington Gardens to provide a resort-like lifestyle, all set in the picturesque Gig Harbor countryside, surrounded by manicured gardens and walking trails, where members can easily enjoy their best days, and everything is taken care of for them.

Imagine this: You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your window. You open your patio door, smell the fresh air and watch a deer stroll by while you have your morning cup of coffee. You think, “What should I do today?” You decide on a walk around the grounds, then lunch with a friend downtown at your favorite place on the picturesque Gig Harbor waterfront. Maybe in the evening you’ll have happy hour with some of the neighbors and friends who live in your Villa—after all, you’ve been wanting to try that new cocktail, so you pick up the ingredients to make it for everyone. After happy hour, a dinner that will delight your taste buds is delivered. You take it to your patio to enjoy. You didn’t have to clean today because Kensington Gardens’ cleaning crew has been through already. You don’t have to mow your lawn because the grounds are maintained for you. You didn’t have to make your dinner or even grocery shop because you have dinner brought to you every evening. “Kensington Gardens takes on the work so you can do more of the playing,” says Kelly brightly.

A few months ago, Kensington Gardens celebrated the grand opening of Hawksworth Villa—the first of five Villas for independent living to be built on the 27-acre estate. Each thoughtfully planned Villa offers eight spacious suites (ranging in size from 1,160 to 2,200 square feet) that enter from a large shared great room—a gathering space for the Villa’s residents to have movie nights, family dinners, happy hours, and more. Each private suite is well-appointed with a large living space, a beautiful floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, expansive windows with views of the landscaped grounds, a large ensuite bathroom with heated floors, a walk-in closet, and a generous private balcony or patio. Members enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with chef-curated meals and complimentary events.

In addition to the five Villas, as Kensington Gardens expands, there are plans for an indoor pool house, pickleball courts, and a separate gathering location called the Conservatory.

“Independent living in the Villas at Kensington Gardens means you move in healthy, and as you age and may need some assistance, you will receive that necessary care and assistance from our award-winning staff in your suite,” affirms Kelly. “Should the time come that you need full-time care, you and your family can rest easy knowing that you have a plan. There will be a place for you in our full-care home, the Manor.”

Though the idea of change may be daunting (and even overwhelming) moving and/or downsizing can help you change your life in a positive way that frees up your time and energy for more enjoyable pursuits, such as traveling, investing time in people, or doing activities that you love most.

“You may find that your traditional home is a lot easier to part with when you’re moving to a new space that offers a lifestyle you love. It’s worth asking yourself whether your current home is the best fit for the lifestyle you desire in the next chapter of your life,” shares Kelly. “When you move to Kensington Gardens, you’ll enjoy a community that offers endless opportunities to live the life you design for yourself. A more active and social lifestyle awaits, along with the opportunities to learn and do new things.”

Interested in learning more about all that Kensington Gardens has to offer? Informational luncheons are hosted each month. While sampling one of their chef-prepared meals, the staff of KG will happily discuss why this unique model that Kensington Gardens has to offer may be the best choice for your lifestyle. Dates for upcoming luncheons can be found online, and reservations can be made there or by calling Kensington Gardens directly at 253.858.7588.

Are you ready to start the next chapter of your life? Kensington Gardens is ready to welcome you.

Kensington Gardens Resort Living Community 3804 Olson Drive NW Gig Harbor, Washington 253.858.7588

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