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Local Whimsy: More than Just Retail

Local Whimsy

Where minimal meets whimsical: Local Whimsy bringing joy to people’s lives through their unique local makers shopping experience By Jillian Chandler| Photo by In-Gear Media

There’s a new and wonderful shopping experience that awaits right here in Gig Harbor, thanks to entrepreneurs Salena Ausburn and Caasi Dickens. Owner operated, Local Whimsy is a collaboration of local makers for the Gig Harbor community. “We want our makers to chase their small business goals, and we want to support them along the way,” shares Salena. “We hope this space feels inviting and fresh. We hope you leave with your cup full, a new friend, and maybe with that something you didn’t know you needed.”

Caasi, founder of Local Makers and owner of Caasi Lee Designs, always had the dream of a retail location for Local Makers, while Salena, owner of Wild Whimsy Plant Co., aspired to expand into a full-blown plant/gift shop. “Over the years of working alongside each other and in the same community, we learned who each other were as business women, and then the concept was born, a collaboration,” smiles Caasi.

“Salena and I, along with our ambitious assistants Erin and Clare, began thinking about who we could serve, what their needs are, fresh ways to keep it interesting and engaging,” she goes on to reflect. “Local Whimsy brings together dozens of local small businesses and talents. Target hit! Our mission is to create a space that serves the community through offering locally handcrafted goods, a place to gather for hands-on projects or education, while keeping it fresh and interesting.”

At Local Whimsy, the shop is made up primarily of locally made goods, which means customers will continually come back and be met with fresh and unique items. In addition to shopping all the unique locally crafted goods, their Gathering Space offers workshops that are as much about crafting and events as they are about education—giving customers opportunities to come back again and again.

“When you walk in Local Whimsy, you can guarantee you are supporting a small business owner here local in our small town or sprinkled around the Puget Sound,” affirms Salena.

Offerings will continue to evolve as Caasi and Salena engage with various local makers and artists. “That’s what is delightful about our design,” Caasi states. “One thing you can rely on is that we offer just the right gifts that speak to our great Gig Harbor and Pacific Northwest.” From specialty items to pamper a new mom, items to keep children’s hands busy, to a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art, and so much more, Local Whimsy has it all. And with laser cutting and an engraving machine on-site, they can make just the right gift that expresses your care to a client or loved one—just in time for the holiday season.

Caasi and Salena enjoy this opportunity they manifested to be able to walk beside fellow creatives and lend a hand or idea that will help to elevate their businesses. “It’s not about competition; life is about collaborating and lifting one another up,” the pair agrees. “Creating and organizing the opportunity for others to fulfill their passions and serve their purpose.”

Since their foundation is built on supporting small businesses, their whole mission is to give back, coaching and assisting local small businesses in every way they know possible.

Caasi and Salena invite you to explore Local Whimsy for a joyful experience as you gather, create or shop.

Local Whimsy 3306 Harborview Drive Gig Harbor, Washington 253.230.8001

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