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Local Gig Harbor Activities This Spring

Find balance this season

Gig Harbor Activities This Spring


By Rachel Kelly

Indoor Fun for Spring Rain:

Java and Clay Café: 3210 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor Boat Shop: 3805 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor

Invitation Bookshop: 5125 Olympic Dr. Ste. 104, Gig Harbor

Walking the Sights:

Gig Harbor isn’t short of gorgeous views and arts, just a few steps down the many inner-city parks. The Austin Park at txʷaalqəł Estuary is one such place, with the “Our Fisherman Our Guardian” hand-carved wooden mural meant to honor the area’s first peoples. For local sights and salmon viewing, take a walk through Donkey Creek Park (8714 N. Harborview Dr.). The trails will lead you by salmon spawning in the creek and end at the Harbor History Museum. Lastly, for gorgeous waterfront views and a peaceful look at the local harbor, consider walking down the boardwalk that is the Maritime Pier at 3003 Harborview Dr.

See Spring Blooms:

See the Colors of Spring

Wilkinson Farm Park: 4118 Rosedale St., Gig Harbor

Adam Tallman Park: 6811 Wagner Way, Gig Harbor

Crescent Creek Park: 3303 Vernhardson St., Gig Harbor

Best Spring Trails:

Get Out in Nature

Cushman Powerline Trail for Biking: 14th Ave. to Borgen Blvd., Gig Harbor

Kopachuck State Park for Hiking: 10712 56th St. NW, Gig Harbor

Narrows Park for Beach Access: 1502 Lucille Pkwy NW, Gig Harbor

Plan A Day Trip:

Harbor History Museum (4121 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor)

Eat a sack lunch in their dedicated lunchroom. Plan an outing with friends and peruse their 7,000 square feet of permanent (many of them hands-on) exhibits. Immerse yourself in the past in their living history Midway School Room (though reservations are required for this experience). Exploring this museum could easily take all day, so pack a lunch and plan a day sure to delight the whole family.

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