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Ebb Tide Gallery: Where Creativity Meets Community

Updated: Jun 6

Ebb Tide Gallery celebrates 40 years of artistic excellence in Gig Harbor


Ebb Tide Gallery where creativity meets community

By Jillian Chandler

Ebb Tide Gallery Artist Cooperative, the longest-running art gallery in Gig Harbor, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Founded in 1984 in the Finholm District, the gallery later moved to Harborview Drive before settling at its current location, 7809 Pioneer Way, about 15 years ago. As a vibrant co-op, staffed only by local artists, Ebb Tide Gallery is dedicated to enriching the community's cultural landscape by showcasing a diverse array of fine art in various mediums.

Plein Aire artist Cathie Johnson, a long-time member of the gallery, highlights the eclectic mix of artwork available. “The type of work varies from super realistic to impressionistic and even abstract, with media ranging from oils, mixed media, clay, woodworking, scratchboard, photography and watercolors. Each artist puts their own spin on their chosen medium, making the gallery a treasure trove for all types of collectors,” she says.

Following the closure of Gallery Row in January, two of its prominent artists, Lea Basile-Lazarus and Josi Callan, joined Ebb Tide. Josi, who brings a wealth of experience as a museum director, curator and artist, expresses her enthusiasm for the gallery's collaborative environment. “I joined Ebb Tide Gallery largely because of the camaraderie among the artists and the value they place on community and enhancing the arts in Gig Harbor. My role is to help realize that vision,” she shares. Josi's work, inspired by nature, includes oils, watercolors and printmaking.

Lea, who has a rich background in teaching art, is equally passionate about her involvement with the gallery. “Being part of a cooperative gallery is very appealing to me. I enjoy the camaraderie of being around other artists, interacting with clients, and discussing positive ways to display and sell our work,” Lea explains. Her dedication to education and collaboration enriches the gallery's dynamic atmosphere.

Ebb Tide Gallery boasts an impressive roster of artists, including potters Valorie Smith and Becky Horkan, oil painter Christopher Cook, watercolor and pen and ink artist Jennifer Appleby, photographers Todd Moses and Chuck Flewelling, Chinese ink and watercolor artist Kathy Thurston, mixed media artist Elaine Fister Erickson, woodworker Dale McDaniels, scratchboard artist Steve Hammond, and painter, photographer and woodworker Bill Wachtler. Each artist contributes their unique perspective, making the gallery a cornerstone of Gig Harbor's artistic community.

In March 2023, Ebb Tide Gallery played a pivotal role in reviving the ArtWalk, with plans to continue this tradition on the first Saturday of each month throughout 2024. This initiative, led by Josi, Lea, Steve and Bill, underscores the gallery's commitment to fostering community engagement through art.

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Ebb Tide Gallery unveiled a new logo. Bill explains, “Our new logo, featuring a striking blue cresting wave forming the lowercase ‘e,’ symbolizes our enduring commitment to artistic excellence and our deep-rooted connection to Gig Harbor’s nautical heritage. It embodies the essence of our gallery as a dynamic hub where creativity crests and breaks like waves upon the shore.”

As Ebb Tide Gallery celebrates this milestone, it continues to be a beacon of creativity and community spirit in Gig Harbor, enriching the lives of art lovers and supporting local artists.

Ebb Tide Gallery Artist Cooperative

7809 Pioneer Way

Gig Harbor, Washington



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