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Dealing with Dizziness? Eye Candy Optical Can Help.


By Dr. Kandi Moller, Owner of Eye Candy Optical and the Myopia Control & Treatment Center in Uptown, Neurovisual Medicine Specialist, Mother to @gumdropthepig.

Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) is a condition that affects how the eyes work together as a team. It occurs when there is an imbalance or misalignment in the positioning of the eyes, leading to difficulties in coordinating their movements. This condition can result in various visual symptoms and may impact a person's daily life.

Dizziness can be a common symptom associated with BVD, particularly when there are issues with the coordination of eye movements and visual processing. Here's how BVD can be related to dizziness:

1. Vestibular-visual interaction: Dizziness often involves the vestibular system, which is responsible for maintaining balance and spatial orientation. The vestibular system works closely with the visual system to help the brain understand the body's position in relation to the environment. In BVD, where there is a misalignment of the eyes or difficulties in coordinating eye movements, the brain may receive conflicting visual information, leading to a mismatch with the signals from the vestibular system. This mismatch can result in a sensation of dizziness or vertigo.

2. Eye strain and visual fatigue: Binocular Vision Dysfunction can cause eye strain and visual discomfort, especially during activities that require prolonged visual attention, such as reading or using digital screens. The effort required to overcome the eye misalignment and maintain visual focus can lead to visual fatigue and, in some cases, dizziness.

3. Blurry or double vision: BVD can cause blurred vision or double vision (diplopia). When the brain tries to interpret overlapping or conflicting images from the misaligned eyes, it can result in a sense of disorientation and dizziness.

4. Difficulty with depth perception: BVD can affect depth perception, making it challenging to accurately judge distances and spatial relationships. This difficulty in perceiving depth can contribute to a feeling of unsteadiness and dizziness, particularly when moving through space or walking in unfamiliar environments.

5. Visual overload: In situations with excessive visual stimuli or complex visual environments, individuals with BVD may experience sensory overload. The brain may struggle to process the visual information effectively, leading to dizziness or a sense of being overwhelmed.

6. Visual motion sensitivity: Some individuals with BVD may become more sensitive to visual motion or rapid changes in the visual field. This heightened sensitivity can trigger dizziness, especially in environments with moving objects or fast-paced visual stimuli.

It's important to note that while dizziness can be associated with BVD, there are various other potential causes of dizziness that should be considered and ruled out by a health care professional. If you or someone you know experiences dizziness along with visual symptoms or eye discomfort, it's essential to seek evaluation by an eye care specialist to determine the underlying cause and appropriate management. Addressing binocular vision dysfunction through proper treatment, which may include prism lenses, can help alleviate dizziness and improve overall visual comfort and function.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
05 de fev.

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