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Connecting Community

Local parks system delivers extraordinary experiences By Jillian Chandler

Photo Courtesy of Pen Met Parks

On May 18, 2004, the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District was formed—and the opportunities this would create for those living and visiting the Gig Harbor Peninsula would soon flourish.

For nearly 17 years, the Park District has provided for the management, control, improvements, maintenance and acquisition of parks and recreation facilities within the area of unincorporated Pierce County west of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and east of the Purdy Bridge (excluding the City of Gig Harbor). The mission of the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District is to enhance the quality of life by providing parks and recreation opportunities for our community.

The Peninsula Metropolitan Park District comprises some of the most beautiful parks and the finest recreation programs in the Pacific Northwest. “Whether you are observing passing whales at Narrows Park, biking the Cushman Trail or participating in one of our athletic leagues, PenMet Parks has something for everybody,” smiles Chuck Cuzzetto of the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District.

Witnessing local residents and visitors alike enjoying the parks and services PenMet Parks provides is truly inspiring to Chuck and the PenMet Parks team. “From the smiles that adorn a family’s face while playing on one of our many playgrounds or making memories that will last a lifetime when learning how to ride a bike in at one of our parks; every moment shared with us inspires and drives us to deliver extraordinary life experiences to our community.”

The Gig Harbor Peninsula has consistently been rated as one of the most livable communities—known for its remarkable atmosphere, natural beauty and exceptional waterfront access. “PenMet Parks is honored to contribute services to the Greater Gig Harbor residents and visitors from around the world,” shares Chuck. “We are committed to providing top-level park and recreation services that make the Gig Harbor Peninsula an amazing place to live.”

One of the aspects Chuck enjoys most when it comes to being a part of the local business community is PenMet’s role as a community connector. They are always looking for ways to partner with organizations and connect with local businesses. “In turn, just like you would at a summer camp, those businesses make friendships that will last a lifetime,” he says.

PenMet Parks would not be where they are today if it were not for the top-notch talent and dedication provided by their staff while serving our community. As Chuck explains, they go above and beyond to make sure everyone in the Gig Harbor community has a pleasant experience. “Our Parks Services team is always happy to help lend a hand or give a wave to a passerby; they keep our facilities looking sharp for all to enjoy,” he says.

PenMet Parks is governed by five passionate park commissioners, whose passion and devotion to the district’s parks and recreation services support mission-driven success. From the creative ways the Recreation Services team puts remarkable programs and leagues together or the gorgeous topography of their parks, the true successes are in the people they serve, Chuck shares.

“PenMet passion runs deep. Not only does our staff strive to give back to the community on behalf of PenMet Parks, but our staff volunteer all over our community,” he adds. “We have those in parks services who dedicate time to teaching guitar; some take time to mentor teens and youth; others take part in cleaning up our local trails and open spaces. The team here at PenMet Parks truly takes to heart the passion of our community and what it takes to make our area a wonderful place to live.”

PenMet Parks 5717 Wollochet Drive Northwest Gig Harbor, Washington 98335 253.858.3400

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