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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Local Gig Harbor business offers a variety of safety classes for individuals and businesses

By Jillian Chandler | Photo by In-Gear Media

Years ago, Dawn Townsend vividly recalls being a part of a rescue attempt on a local drowning; the child a friend of her daughter's classmates. “I had taken a CPR/First Aid Class just two weeks prior in a large conference room with over 60 people, and no instructor watched us practice on the manikins or instructed us on the correct techniques,” shares Dawn. “For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the correct compression to breathing ratio, and nobody else on the scene did either.”

It was seven years ago that Dawn, previous nationally board certified EMT (who completed her rotations at St. Joe’s in Tacoma), was given the opportunity to receive training to become a certified CPR/BLS instructor to offer certification for Evergreen Oral Surgery and referring offices’ staff members. “I did not even let them finish the sentence and immediately claimed the position,” smiles Dawn. “After all, I was already the safety officer.”

Today, she and husband Damon, who has his master’s degree in business management and accounting, are the owners of Dawn of a New Day Safety Training and Consulting, also known as CPRdawn, in Gig Harbor.

The Townsends have resided in Gig Harbor for the past seven years, with Dawn teaching mobile safety classes for much of this time. The couple decided to open an office earlier this year to allow flexibility for their clients—individuals, students and smaller businesses—to have a local option. “I still offer mobile classes for businesses like dental, chiropractic/massage therapy, medical, plumbing and electrical, daycares, and organizations like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts,” she adds.

Dawn, who is certified to train nationally recognized CPR/First Aid classes (including American Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Health and Safety Institute, Emergency Management Training Association and The Emergency Care and Safety Institute), offers her clients a blended class option, in which the participant can take the online portion at his/her own convenience and then schedule an in-person skills training class to get two-year certified. “I currently offer full course options and blended skills classes nightly five days a week and offer day classes on the weekends,” she adds.

Training is customized for each business and each person in the class, and she helps keep track of her students’ professional certifications/licenses, contacting them two months prior to their renewal date.

In Washington state, online-only CPR / First Aid / AED certification courses are not recognized, as it is vital to have a certified instructor train and watch you perform these life-saving skills. “I think it is so important for each of my students to practice on life-like manikins; know what it might actually feel like to compress on a victim's chest; how fast you should compress on the chest; know how to make sure the chest has complete recoil after each compression; know how to see if their breaths are effective; how to use an AED and so much more,” Dawn shares.

As longtime residents and business owners, Dawn and Damon appreciate the community in which they live and serve. “We enjoy knowing that Gig Harbor has so many options for everyone for community involvement,” Dawn says, “from the school district, the Chamber of Commerce, the Parks Department, and all the local organizations: The Lions, The Eagles, The Elks, The Rotary Club, The Soroptimist, The Boys & Girls Club, and so many more.”

Dawn of a New Day provides free CPR / First Aid / AED training to local church nursery/children’s program staff members. Any church organization can reach out to Dawn to schedule a mobile class. Dawn has also volunteered at CPR Saturday/Sunday hosted by the Tacoma Fire Department, the Girl Scouts and The Boys & Girls Club. Dawn was the treasurer for the PTO at Harbor Ridge Elementary and is a member of AWOB (Alliance of Women Owned Businesses) and the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she has volunteered for the Gig Harbor Cheer Team and Peninsula High School Band Department for both of her daughters.

“The most rewarding part of the work that I do is teaching life-saving skills that anyone can learn,” shares Dawn. “You never know when you will be faced with an emergency. I also love to hear from students on how much they enjoyed the class.”

Class offerings include: Safety Training Plans, Lean Management Consulting Services, CPR / First Aid, BLS / First Aid for Health-Care Providers, Pet CPR, Babysitter Classes, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Chemical Hazards. Appointments can be made via their website or by calling 253.358.8217.

Dawn of A New Day Safety Training and Consulting

A.K.A. CPRdawn

5711 34th Avenue NW, Suite 102

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335


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