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An Unwavering Commitment to Excellent Patient Care

Gig Harbor's premier primary care provider

By Jillian Chandler

Rainier Family Medicine opened its doors in Gig Harbor in 2016, and for the past five years, owners Scot Fleshman, ARNP, FNP-BC and wife Jessica Hopkins have been providing superior primary care to the Gig Harbor community—with a holistic approach.

“Our clinic offers a truly patient-centric and holistic approach to health care,” affirms Jessica. “We love being able to empower our patients with the tools and resources they need to optimize their health. We like to consider ourselves a part of each patient’s health-care team.”

Scot knew early on in his health-care career that he would eventually open his own practice, as he noticed a drastic shift away from patient-centric care that he was not willing to accept. “I witnessed decisions often made based on finances rather than the quality of patient care being provided,” he shares. “I understand you must consider the numbers when running a business, but how large of a bonus does a CEO need to make if it comes at the cost of your patients? It is a problem when the people making the decisions don’t have any patient care experience.”

Scot pursued a profession in medicine in order to be able to provide truly patient-centric health care. He finds that most often just by working with a patient and getting to the root of their medical issue, the need for pills and other invasive interventions can be eliminated. “To do that, you must give your patients a good amount of time during their appointment,” he affirms. “Fifteen minutes just won’t cut it. I wanted to be able to make decisions that were centered around the patient, not just based on the bottom line.”

When it comes to what Scot finds most rewarding about the work he does through his practice, it is knowing that he has his patients’ best interest in mind when treating them. “I get to put in as much time with a patient as needed, and I can carve time out of each day to do things that are crucial to a patient’s success,” he affirms. By provider and patient working together as a team, they are able to develop a plan the patient can follow to reach their health-care goals. “That is why I got into medicine, and I will do whatever it takes to provide the most thorough patient care experience possible.”

As a primary care provider (PCP), Scot is not limited in the services he is able to offer for primary care. And as an independently owned clinic with an extensive referral network, they have more freedom with their referrals than if they were part of a major medical group. “We can refer to the specialist who is going to be best for our patient’s needs, rather than being mandated to ‘keep the referral in the family,’” says Scot.

Scot is a Gig Harbor native, while Jessica moved to Gig Harbor as a child. Despite residing in various cities during young adulthood, they always knew they would return home to Gig Harbor. “There is no community like it anywhere else in the world,” smiles Jessica. “The sense of connection and support is palpable and invigorating.”

As a practice, Rainier Family Medicine is involved in numerous community fundraisers, drives and events throughout the year. “We are strong supporters of schools and education and will support those efforts in any way possible,” says Jessica. Scot sits on the board of the Peninsula Schools Education Foundation and volunteers as a provider at the Key Free Clinic on the Key Peninsula, while Jessica currently holds two board positions; one with the Harbor Montessori and the other as the 2019 and 2020 board president for the Alliance of Women Owned Businesses.

Rainier Family Medicine is currently welcoming new patients and can accept most major medical insurance. Scot and Jessica understand that some patients may be nervous when making the decision to switch to a new primary care provider, thus they offer a no cost “meet and greet” for potential new patients to chat with Scot prior to making the decisions to switch.

Rainier Family Medicine

4423 Point Fosdick Drive NW, Suite 306

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335


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1 Comment

Aaron Gallington
Aaron Gallington
Jan 10, 2023

very frusterating. miss a blood work appointment through the holidays and they cut you off. Not understanding at all, and a pain. would not recommend anyone!!

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