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Achieving the Yachting lifestyle

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The ultimate luxury yachting experience

Amy Kistler and her husband Kurt settled into Gig Harbor in 2015. After two decades as a successful group health insurance producer, Amy decided to explore career opportunities in her new home town. As fortune would have it, Amy stumbled upon a unique opportunity as a broker with Gig Harbor Yachts.

Amy soon discovered the joy of both living and working in Gig Harbor with its amazing people and strong sense of community.

Joining Gig Harbor Yachts was as fortuitous for Amy as it was for the brokerage. Her relentless focus on customer service and professionalism easily transferred to her new position in the yachting industry. From the moment Amy set foot in Gig Harbor Yachts’ waterfront office, she established a new standard of yacht brokerage excellence.

“Amy is a force of nature,” shares Scott Alprin, managing broker of Gig Harbor Yachts. “Her personal integrity and work ethic are second to none. Amy’s total commitment to her clients’ success and satisfaction is something rarely found in most industries—especially ours.”

Even during the COVID pandemic, Amy worked tirelessly assisting her yachting clients sell and purchase yachts. In just the past 12 months she has successfully brokered six 50’ yachts; including a 58’ Ocean Alexander, a 58’ Carver, a 58’ Forbes Cooper, a 52’ Ocean Alexander, a 50’ Selene Europa and a 50’ Beneteau MC5. Currently, she has two 50’ yachts in transaction ready to be enjoyed by their new owners. Amy has also been instrumental in Gig Harbor Yachts’ new Ranger TugShare program, where five boating families own and enjoy a common Ranger Tug.

“Guiding everyone through the entire process to assure a pleasant buying and selling experience is extremely rewarding to me,” says Amy. “My attention to detail every step of the way creates success for all involved, and that has allowed me to build strong, meaningful relationships. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be part of this wonderful community, assisting my boating neighbors create lasting memories on the water.”

Cheers to a fabulous, safe boating season!


"When we walked into Gig Harbor Yachts, we had no idea the personalized service that we would receive. Our Broker and consultant, Amy Kistler, provided us the professional guidance that we needed as we were so new to boating. She is personable, professional, passionate and fun. She was definitely determined and dedicated to doing whatever it took to find us our dream boat, and she did! Amy is a valued resource and continues to nurture a strong relationship with us as our boating life continues. We are very grateful to Amy for her tremendous help and her friendship.”

- Lil & Karen

Gig Harbor Yachts

International Ship and Yacht Brokers

3419 Harborview Drive

Gig Harbor, Washington


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