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HGTV Dream Home 2018

HGTV Dream Home 2018

It is not often that the HGTV Dream Home is right in your backyard. It is also not often that a celebrity makes himself right at home. HGTV Dream Home 2018 designer Brian Patrick Flynn spent plenty of time in Gig Harbor while working on the house and soon became a fixture at the Gig Harbor waterfront where he was embraced by the community. You might say he became an honorary local.

Flynn spent months designing and working on the home, which necessitated frequent long visits to Gig Harbor. “I got to see how the locals live,” he said. He chose to rent a Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) from Noemi and Ihab Ibrahim. Flynn enjoyed his stay in the studio apartment and found the location of the VRBO very convenient to the waterfront.

The Ibrahims weren’t surprised. “Most of our guests seem to like being next to everything. We are close to many great restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, boutiques, and let’s not forget the harbor. With water sports and a quaint store just around the corner, it is a very convenient location. Down the road there from our home is a large flight of public stairs that lead to the street before the harbor. From here you can also find a beautiful picturesque view of Mount Rainier. My husband and I have been living here for three years now, and every time we take a walk around town we still get the same joy we did the first time we visited. It is such a peaceful little town,” said Ihab.

The Ibrahims found Flynn to be kind, focused, dedicated and a wonderful guest. “It is during tough times that you can really see someone’s true character. Brian stayed with us during some of the coldest days of last year, and during his stay we experienced complications with our furnace. Without the furnace he was left without hot water for showers and heating. We offered a hotel for the rest of his visit, but he chose to stay us. He showered at the gym that morning and made it to work on time. He was so focused on the solution and not the problem and was so sweet and very patient as things were repaired. He could have asked for his money back but didn’t. He is a busy man who, I am sure, doesn’t have time to deal with these kinds of issues, and still he chose to continue his stay with us without a word of complaint and even came back for another visit a few weeks later. He is one of our favorite guests, and it is always a pleasure having him,” said Noemi. The Ibrahims vacation rental is listed at

Flynn enjoyed walking the Gig Harbor waterfront and frequenting local establishments. “I went to the Devoted Kiss Café at least six times a week. Lara (a server at the café) would already have my tea and French toast ready for me when I would come in. I would sit out back on the deck and enjoy watching the harbor seals,” he said. Another waterfront location he liked to visit for brunch was Netshed No. 9. “For dinner, Puerto Vallarta was absolutely delicious,” he added.

Lara Stroh, a Devoted Kiss Café server for six years, enjoyed getting to know Flynn. “We saw quite a bit of him while he was staying in Gig Harbor, and he was a very nice man. We strive to know what our guests like, and Brian liked Banana Bread French Toast with crispy bacon and hot tea with milk,” she said. “What struck me was how enamored he was by the Pacific Northwest. No matter what the weather, he liked to sit on our deck, which has a great view of the harbor and Mount Rainier. He also asked our advice on what to see while he was here. It was fun having the dream home in Gig Harbor and to be a part of it.”

Working on the dream home involved many long days, but whenever there was unexpected free time, Flynn took advantage of it to visit some of the iconic sights of the Pacific Northwest. “We had a weekend where we couldn’t work on the home, so I took my whole team to Lake Quinault. We had the opportunity to kayak on the lake, and it was magical,” he said. Surrounded by dense rainforest and stunning lake views, the Lake Quinault Lodge is a grand, rustic jewel of the National Park System and was built in 1926. Flynn became fascinated with the rising mists that cover the tops of the trees, and this Pacific Northwest weather anomaly inspired some of the paint colors in the dream home.

Like many who are new to the area, the looming presence of Mount Rainier can act like a siren’s call drawing you in. It had the same effect on Flynn, who visited at least seven times. “Whenever I had an afternoon where I finished up early, I would head up to Mount Rainier and just sit and look for hours,” he said.

The HGTV Dream Home 2018 is a waterfront home that overlooks Henderson Bay. “My favorite place in the house is the pergola area,” said Flynn. You can easily see why this area would be a favorite. The outdoor space makes a perfect spot for dining and entertaining. The waterfront views kick into overdrive on summer evenings with majestic sunsets over Henderson Bay. Throw in a few Harbor Seals and you will never want to leave.

Many are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner of the HGTV Dream Home 2018 in April. The winner of the grand prize package, which is valued at more than $1.8 million, will receive the completely remodeled and fully furnished home, a new Honda Accord, plus $250,000 from national mortgage lender Quicken Loans®. A sneak peek at this striking, one-of-a-kind makeover is available at

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant, 4225 North Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, Washington 98332


Devoted Kiss Café, 8809 North Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, Washington 98332


Netshed No. 9, 3313 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, Washington 98332


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