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  • By Patty Hutchens

Athletes of the Month: Seth Kasteler & Andrew Sexton


Seth Kasteler

Peninsula High School

A senior at Peninsula High School, Seth Kasteler has been on the school’s basketball team for three years. “My first year was at Bellarmine Prep,” said Seth, who has lettered in basketball two years and was named first team all league both times.

His success is in part due to his determination in overcoming a disappointing freshman year. “I missed the whole season,” said Seth of a lower back injury that caused a lot of pain and discomfort in everyday activities. “This was hard because after all the work I had put in, I was not able to show my first year of high school.”

Seth plans to attend a four-year university, possibly Utah State or Boise State, where he hopes to be able to enjoy basketball for another four years. But first, Seth plans to serve on a mission for his church.

Seth said he is interested in following in his father’s footsteps and working in business and investments. “Money and numbers always have been interesting to me,” he said. “I enjoy watching my dad work and having him teach me how stocks work.”

Being part of a team, which Seth said is like a group of best friends playing together, has been a great experience. “I love to compete and have fun against other people who have the same goal as I do. It is very competitive, but I love always having to be on the edge,” said Seth.

Applying the lessons he has learned through basketball to everyday life, there is no doubt that Seth will succeed in anything he sets out to do.

“I've learned to work hard in anything that you do and to never give up. Also to give it your all, because if you just go half the distance, you won’t accomplish what you’re shooting for.”

Andrew Sexton

Gig Harbor High School

Photo by: David Montesino

Andrew Sexton is off to a great start as a freshman at Gig Harbor High School. He achieved a 4.0 GPA his first semester and qualified for the boys’ water polo high school state competition with the Gig Harbor water polo team. “I also qualified for the state competition in swimming in one individual event—the 200-yard freestyle—and two relays, the 200-yard freestyle relay and the 400-yard freestyle relay,” said Andrew.

His goal is to attend a prestigious college where he can focus on math and science. “It would be great if I can continue to progress in my athletic career in high school so I can compete at the collegiate level,” said Andrew.

Finding a sport he truly enjoys was a challenge growing up. As part of a military family, Andrew moved frequently and was always trying new things.

“I have played a number of different sports such as lacrosse, wrestling, basketball and soccer.I had fun participating in these sports but never felt that I excelled, and I didn’t see myself playing each sport in the future,” said Andrew. “When I started swimming in late 2016 on the Tacoma Swim Club, I really enjoyed it. I swam on the club team until high school season started. My greatest disadvantage coming into the high school team was my experience level. Since I have only been swimming for one year, I found that I had to focus on improving my form as well as work on getting faster.”

Andrew said he really enjoys the friends he has made on the team as well as the mental and physical challenges that swimming has to offer.

“Swimming has an important team aspect but also allows me to focus on my personal improvement to beat my previous time in each event,” said Andrew, adding that his coach has taught him that competition is all about mindset. “You have to believe that you can do something and keep an open mind without doubting yourself.”

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