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L.A. Kmen Designs: Unique and Inspiring

Art. It not only has the power to transform a space, but a person’s soul as well. It can calm, inspire and evoke conversation. That is just one reason Áine Kmen is so passionate about her work. As a fulltime artist for nearly 10 years, Kmen creates original art, design and illustration for both homes and businesses.

“I make handmade paper from plant fibers and recycled materials and this is incorporated in to my mixed media paintings, along with acrylic, watercolor, pencil and sometimes pastel,” said Kmen. “Each painting has multiple layers, giving them an ethereal feel.”

Her subject matter is diverse and includes everything from landscapes to spiritual pieces and abstract art. Her customers can choose from work already created by Kmen or they can commission a specific piece to fit with their space, color scheme and desires.

Kmen is unique in that unlike many artists, she works fulltime at her trade allowing her to commit fully to her clients working closely with them to create that special piece that tells their unique and personal story they wish to share with others through the artwork.

Kmen moved to Gig Harbor in January of this year. She previously split her time between San Diego and Las Vegas, but the beauty of Gig Harbor beckoned her to move to our community.

“I came here because I am in love with the community, am inspired by the beauty of the area, and wanted the perfect place to call home,” said Kmen, who enjoys sailing and wanted to be close to the water.

Before devoting her life fulltime to her art, Kmen worked in environmental education for several years for regional and international nonprofits and said she was blessed with amazing adventures.

Kmen is grateful to her customers who have supported her over the past decade in her work as an artist and said they are the reason behind her success.

“The majority of my business comes from people who are passionate about their own lives and want to be surrounded by art that inspires them,” said Kmen.

Having lived in Gig Harbor for just six months, Kmen has already integrated herself into the community and looks forward to becoming even more involved. She enjoys attending the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce events and looks forward to helping out in whatever ways possible.

Kmen’s art is typically shown in at least one location in both Gig Harbor and Tacoma. Her studio is located on the property where she lives which is just a couple of miles from the harbor. She welcomes visitors by appointment.

Her art can also be viewed and purchased online at To learn more about the process of commissioning a special piece of art for one’s home or business, contact Áine Kmen directly by email or phone.

Yes, art inspires. And for Kmen she said her inspiration comes from quiet time on the water and in the woods, and also from favorite literature and musicians. It is an inspiration she hopes others will find through her work.

“I hope my art inspires moments of the same inner-quiet in the people I’m lucky enough to meet through my work and daily life.”

L.A. Kmen Designs

Studio Phone: 253.649.4415

Mobile/Texts: 253.303.9788

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