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Your Local Guide to a HOLIDAY HO HO HOME Sale

 key2see Team

Should you or should you not list your home for sale during the holiday season … By Jennifer Hawkins, key2see Team

Photo By In Gear Media

Guilty as charged for encouraging people to list their homes in the spring and summer markets. Homes are more beautiful when the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, windows are washed, and when the sun sets later in the day.

However, as I approach all things in this industry, the answer to this question is very subjective. You need to buy or sell real estate when it makes the most sense to your family. Real estate is usually situational, and the reality is, just because we are experiencing seasonal changes here in the Pacific Northwest, they are not in Arizona or Florida. This leads me to the top reasons we see for selling during the holidays:

1. You are getting a job transfer.

2. Your family is growing or shrinking.

3. You’re relocating to another area and found the home you want to buy.

Our local area has a very strong military community, and the military doesn’t wait for the Christmas tree to come down or the sun to come out for the perfect photos. When it’s go time, it’s go time. The flip to that is that it can be a very profitable time to purchase during the holiday season. So, if you can tone down the holiday décor and keep your yard looking great for your listing, you may capitalize on the buying side that will far outweigh a perfect listing.

Our advice to you … if you are eyeing a specific property or you are purchasing in a competitive price point, a way to eliminate competition is to shop in the winter months.

If a new home is on your Christmas list, here are some pretty easy rules to follow!

1. Make sure your REALTOR knows the ups and downs of a seasonal market.

2. Keep your holiday décor neutral.

3. Cut back all landscaping.

4. Get those windows washed, even though it may be rainy outside!

If the pressure of listing during the holidays is just too much, we get it, and typically the statistics show year over year we will get a surge in inventory and prices but a decrease in days on market come February and March. If a new home is on the list, what you should be doing during the holiday season is shopping for your REALTOR!

If you wait until February or March to start the interview process, you could be behind the 8 ball for an early spring listing. Most winters we spend getting listings prepped with contractor visits, maintenance items repaired, mini remodels to enhance ROI. (Hint hint: Powder rooms and kitchens bring the biggest return.) If a move is in your 2024 plans, the time is now to start researching REALTORS to ensure all of the necessary things are done to assure your home is the shiniest penny when that inventory load unleashes along with the spring springing and flowers blooming.

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